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  • Caraloopy - Worth your time!

    I really enjoyed this. Interesting, well-presented, not forced or over-dramatic, and all along with likable people with a great sense of humor.

  • twins mom 22 - Smooth gel with a scent of cucumber

    This is a nice smooth eye gel. It comes with one of those fancy push down pumps which eliminate the need to dig your finger into a jar. Much more sanitary and much less mess. The gel is clear and has almost a cooling effect when you put it on. You can also smell the hint of cucumber which is nice and refreshing. I do feel like it firms the skin so this is likely what reduces the puffiness and the cooling sensation would also help to reduce any swelling. Overall I recommend this product. Disclaimer: I received this item at a discount for my honest review.

  • Cosimo J Bressi Jr - Watch at your own risk (Boredom warning)

    Very low budget and it is obvious with all the cheesy lines, horrible monster details, and poor acting. This was a good time killer but was a waste of time that I sat through in hopes it would get better.

  • smkaemp - Wow.

    This stuff should not be messed around with. I remember the first day it took it I sat around for about ten minutes and BOOM it hits you like a train. It feels like inside these small white capsules there is cocaine. I was wired for the next 6 hours. Made my workouts nuts. The only drawback is it REALLY makes me angry/easily irritated otherwise 10/10

  • Marty Riemer - Run! Run as fast as you can from Quickbooks Payroll

    Quickbooks Payroll/Intuit has the worst customer service in the software industry. With most software that might not be a huge issue, because you shouldn't typically have to interface with them. But with Quickbook's Payroll, interfacing with them is often necessary, because the service doesn't work, or because they need to squeeze more money out of you. And again, it's the worst. The payroll setup rarely works on the first try, so you call the number they provide. Which, in the case of Quickbooks 2013 is no longer a valid number. When my subscription expired, I received an email to click the reactivate button. The link didn't work. The webpage to reactivate didn't work.either. And the phone number was bad. When I finally found a valid number, the rep tried to sell me a renewal for $349/year when you can buy a brand new subscription for $199. Plus Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll used to cover 3 employees, now they've downgraded it to 1. If you still have an option to go with another service DO SO! I would, but changing over seems like an insurmountable hurdle at this stage.

  • Scott Krisiak - These shoes make a 5 year old run faster and jump higher!!

    My daughter absolutely loves these! It's adorable, she is 5 and she truly believes these shoes make her run faster and jump higher, a little pricey but probably worth it since she now has gym class and recess for Kindergarten.

  • Martin - Great cooking set

    I have been using the products included in the set for a few months of daily use and they have held up rather well. At the price purchased they are very much a quality set at quite the bargain. I definitely recommend the set to somebody looking to buy a quality set for a reasonable price.