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  • Yemi Sobowale - "Story" Horrible, Process information- Great!

    Got this for my MBA class. The "story" elements in the book were horrible, and this book should've been 50-75 pages shorter. However, the information regarding process improvement is decent, which is why I gave three stars. I would recommend only reading if you have to for a class.

  • Kerry J Matsumoto - superbook

    I really enjoy reading this story to my two year old son as he requests it eveynight for storytime. When is the mom version coming out? Thanks for the love you put in this story!

  • Jessica - Perfect fit

    These floor mats fit perfectly in our 2012 lexus ct 200h. The only bad thing: there was a slimy/sticky film-like substance on the floor mats....didn't bother me much, as they ARE meant to be on the floor and get dirty anyway....but just stating the facts. :)

  • Alan Sickels - Want ad free versuon

    Got this as an "Actually Free" app with all levels unlocked. Unlike other fully unlocked Flow Free games there's no way to disable ads. Uninstalled.

  • amznboi - Not a beginner/intermediate vball. Really need to keep playing it to like it.

    I ended up really liking this vball. It's definitely not a beginner's or intermediate's vball to use. It takes time to get used to it and has a higher learning curve. You have to adjust a lot of your skills with the MVA200, especially passing. I shanked my passes a lot when I first played with it. I had to really adjust my passing skills with the MVA200. It is not as forgiving as the other vballs. It is great for setters (grips easy), hitters and especially float servers. This vball floats like crazy if you hit the sweet spot. Also for float serves, it has a tendency to just drop in front of you.