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  • Andrew - "The Stuff" works when all else fails

    "The stuff" got through home tests when the cranberry detox I was doing failed, and passed a real lab test the next day with a 2nd bottle. Follow the instructions and check the product website for more details, but it's clear if you can follow directions.

  • Eddie C. - Strongly suggest!!

    Excellent after market product, very easy to install. The best part is that you don't have to break the bank!!

  • KatMatt - Great Product!

    I've been using esalon color for about 6 months now. and I love it. They came pretty close to matching my color from the pictures I sent on the first try and nailed it on the second which I've used consistently now for 5 months. Yes, it takes some time to get used to doing it myself and learning the technique (I prefer the brush to the bottle when applying) but I can get it on now in less than 15 minutes. I asked my regular hair stylist what she thought (and to be honest) and she said it was perfect and wouldn't change a thing. It's not that I don't like how the salon does it but I have to cover gray roots every three weeks and don't want the hassle of spending an 1/1/2 at the salon when I can do it at my convenience at home.

  • L. Burls - Not what I expected.

    I was under the impression that this book would describe in detail the different areas of Psychology and which schools would be the best for that area of study. I was thoroughly disappointed to see that it was just a long listing of every school in the nation and canada that only described things such as class sizes and tuition. They did list the areas of study available but I was hoping that it would go into detail about the different areas of study. It did not say anything about how to figure out which area is best for which careers. It was also difficult to navigate the textbook. I plan on selling it on Amazon. I was also disappointed by the fact that I bought it new but it was obviously a used textbook by the crinkled front cover and writing on the inside.

  • Layton Knight - Warning: designed and built for only "casual" use

    While the product itself produces an amazing ice-cream like dessert, it's designed only to produce one or two servings per use. Last night I attempted to produce six servings for a dinner party. I was quite shocked. After 15 minutes, the machine started to produce odors of "burning plastic." I was only able to produce enough for four servings before I noticed that the machine started to over heat. I still enjoy using the machine and I love the fruity ice cream it makes, but I am constantly reminded that I can only use it for about fifteen to twenty minutes at a time.

  • Meranda - Intended Result Success

    This has the exact conclusion that I had hoped. Bought a bag and shared with coworkers, was not left disappointed. Mua haha.