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Magnetic Pulser an indispensible Alternative Healing Aid - The MAGNETIC PULSER Bio Medici is simple to use, the user has not to worry about field strength, wave form and frequencies to choose. Everything is balanced precisely.

  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Publications_of_Dr_Wolfgang_Lud.html#SGROBJ7DA531A112D11C1 The Publications of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig - This is only a fraction of Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig's publications. We have selected them because they involve directly pulsed magnetic fields and the Magnetic Pulser.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/German_Inventions_Magnetic_Puls.html#SGROBJ7DB556101F32611 German Inventions Have Shaped Our World - German inventions accompany us within our daily lives. In 1974 a new chapter in alternative therapy arrived. The invention was revolutionary it surpassed all expectations.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/The_Schumann_Resonance_of_7_83.html#TXTOBJ7DB43DE2852131 The Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz - The importance of the Schumann Resonance is well established today, it is the tuning fork of life on earth. Not many scientists are aware of this fact. Read about the benefits of Schumann resonance products.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Pulser_Instructions.html#SGROBJ7DA531A112D11C1 Magnetic Pulser Instructions - More than 60 health problems can be treated with the Bio Medici Magnetic Pulser and it can rejuvenate your body.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Pulser_Reviews.html#SGROBJ7DA531A112D11C1 Magnetic Pulser Reviews - The magnetic pulser reviews are intended to shed a light on a controversial subject involving a variety of makes and models of magnetic pulsers.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Therapy_Products.html#TXTOBJ7DB317F141131C0 Magnetic Therapy Products are High in Demand - Before buying any magnetic therapy product it is wise to do your homework first by getting an idea how these products work.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/How_does_the_Magnetic_Pulser_Wo.html#TXTOBJ7DB317F1433DA0 How does the Magnetic Pulser Work - Unlike other devices the magnetic pulser BIO MEDICI operates with a special pre-treated antenna to boost the performance of the device.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Pulser_Benefits.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 Magnetic Pulser Benefits - The Magnetic Pulser is todays first Aid Kit. Discover the long list of benefits without side effects.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Pulser_Disclaimer.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 Magnetic Pulser Disclaimer - All material in this report is provided for educational purpose only and may not be constructed as medical advice or instruction.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Pulsed_Magnetic_Therapy.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 Pulsed Magnetic Therapy the Solution for Physiological and Psychological Health Problems - The influence of pulsed magnetic therapy on the human body is clinically established to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiodemic effects.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Therapy_History.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 Magnetic Therapy History: From Ancient Magnetic Therapy to New Age Pulsed Magnetic Therapy - There are some daring physicians - the pioneers of our modern age - who are thinking outside the box, trying to unify school medicine and alternative medicine.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Dr_Robert_Becker.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 The Bioelectromagnetics of Dr. Robert Becker - Dr. Robert Becker focused his research in the unorthodox areas including the body's electrical system, hypnosis and acupuncture.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Pulser_Testimonials.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 Magnetic Pulser Testimonials - Please read the magnetic pulser testimonials, some of them are very impressive.
  • http://www.magneticpulser.us/Magnetic_Stimulation_of_Plants.html#SGROBJ7DB44EF22181671 The Magnetic Stimulation of Plants - The well being of life on earth depends on the influence of magnetic fields. A magnetic imbalance in cells lead to disease and even death. magnetic stimmulation is vital for all living beings.

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  • KineticTalk - Sound quality is poor and it doesn't fit well

    Sound quality is poor and it doesn't fit well. I just purchased the Mugmee Bluetooth V4.1 In-Ear Noise Cancellation Hands-free Headphones and I am blown away by quality and features for $20.

  • Luanna Sullivan - Could this be glue?

    I'm one of those suckers who bought the salt scrub at a mall kiosk and got this thrown in because I didn't want to pay the high price. I'm still kicking myself 3 months later for being taken by these people. This facial peel really isn't peeling the dead skin cells; it's the product that makes a peeling look. I suspect there's glue in it. Once this stuff attaches to any facial hairs, it's almost impossible to remove. I have to pick those little pieces off each facial hair, and it takes forever. This whole line is worthless crap!