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M-CM Network: Macrocephaly-Capillary Malformation Syndrome Support and Information (M-CMTC, MCAP) - M-CM Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides comprehensive medical information about macrocephaly-capillary malformation syndrome to aid in diagnosis and treatment decisions. Our goal is to establish a disease registry to collect data about affected individuals so that we can greatly expand the scope of what is known about M-CM.

  • http://www.m-cm.net/contact-registry Contact Registry | M-CM Network - The M-CM Network contact registry will be used to inform individuals with M-CM and their guardians about opportunities to participate in research, opportunities to contribute data, discoveries about M-CM that may impact care decisions.

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  • Diana - DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!

    I recently became a user of Bare Minerals makeup (foundation and blush) and am highly disappointed in this product.

  • Mississippi hiker - Rretired veterinarian uses penetrex on himself

    As a retired professor of veterinary medicine, I am wary of many patent medicines and those with "alternative" ingredients. However, I am very sensitive to some side effects of NSAIDs, including the active ingredient of Pennsaid, which is the topical prescription form of an NSAID. Both Penetrex and Pennsaid are assisted in their local absorption by dimethylsulfoxide, or DMSO, so they are able to reach the inflammed tissues through the skin. Given the circumstances, I decided to try Penetrex.

  • Nick - Theres a reason for only four stars...

    I would give this five stars if it came with instructions on how to get rid of whatever you summon. I mean sure, it was cool at first having a demonic entity living with me at my house, but now it's keeping me up at night. Great product for kids though.

  • Chipawa - Finally something awesome!

    I was skeptical while watching the commercial. I broke both sides of my ribs. The one side that bothers me the most is the side I broke 12 years ago. Put a real damper in my sports and no meds helped at all. I am back hitting my golf driver 280 no problems and no pain. It did take over 2 weeks to start feeling better, but it taste so good I really look forward to drinking it.

  • S. Stack - Severe reaction

    Helped with pain but I currently have a horrible burning, itching rash where the patches were applied to my knee. The site is purple red in thee exact shspe of the patch and nothing is helping. I will be heading to the doctor tomorrow. I was unaware of any skin allergies before using this product. I have used Tiger Balm and Icy Hot with no issues. My husband found Salonpas at Costco and bought it for me. I prefer my knee pain to the pain of this rash!