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  • Caitlin - I bought one for myself and loved it so much I bought it in a different ...

    I bought one for myself and loved it so much I bought it in a different pattern for my mom. She loves it too, and how couldn't you? The bag is a perfect size, has adorable pattern options, and has pockets in just the right places. I love carrying mine into the gym and using it for short weekend trips.

  • Adam LaBenne - Great for personal use at home or on the go

    I got this towel for my wife and she LOVES it. I accidentally ruined her old towel she loved and felt bad so I got her this one.

  • Mack A Sigman - SharePoint 2010 at Work: Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions

    Overall I really liked this book. I will admit that a lot of the material I have seen before, at SharePoint Saturdays and such, but finally I was able to get my hands on how they did it, and why they did it that way and that was where the value of this book was for me. The other things I found very vaulable was how the book was written, it has a lot of code in it but it wasn't written for a code monkey. I am not a developer or a coder and I was able to understand what the code snippets were about and why, maybe that was because it was dumbed down to my level which would make it a vaulable asset to any non dev type out there.

  • Amanda A Meyer - Better sleep for allergy suffer

    Strips have helped to nix the snoring I do while all the allergies I have. The residue on your nose is stubborn and a quick washing of the face before leaving (as I've went to work with residue on my nose still) is highly recommended.

  • Eve Vawter - Social Justice Tied Up In A Brilliant Red Bow

    Luvvie tells it like it is, but with so much heart and soul and a mess of side-eye'd YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER that you can't help but want to DO better after reading her life lessons. Plus, she is so painfully funny that you don't even realize you are being schooled the entire time you are reading. #And#She#Will#Hate#This#Hashtag#Abuse#But#You#Need#To#Buy#This#Book#For#Everyone#You#Know#LOVE#Luvvie