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Your SEO optimized title - Leicestershire Health Informatics Service (LHIS) are an IM&T provider hosted by LPT. Providing IT support for public and private sector organisations.

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  • Mikhail O. - Great looking bike

    Great looking bike, received it within a week. Im not sure why people complain about the wobbly wheels, mine came out fine. Must have gotten lucky. Tires were a bit funky, so I replaced them with continental gator shells. Bike is fast, rides smooth and, shifts well. Its a pretty sexy looking bike too, I had to wait for my faghettaboutit mini ubolt to get here before I could lock it up. Im a newbie, and if you are too get this bike youll treasure it. At least until you run it into the ground like I plan to.

  • Amanda Ellsworth - Great deal best straightener ever

    I bought this straightener at the mall last year and dropped it I love this straightener I paid 159 at the mall never again I will always go to Amazon first got this one and it's the same one works great for curling too

  • Andrew Patton - the game does not work, literally

    While I did not buy this game via amazon, I do want to make it know that this game has yet to work 20 hours after its "supposed" release date.

  • K. Hilliard - Thank goodness!

    I have been dying my hair for about 14 years. Naturally I have medium/dark brown hair and I dye it various shades of browns for years now to give my hair some good color instead of being such a plain brown. Anyway I recently got the bright idea to dye it BLACK. It looked decent but I could not get used to it and just felt so ugly. It was much too bold for my taste. I look best with red and gold tones in my hair. After about 3 days of being miserable with it and getting a few negative reactions I started searching for a way to change it, figuring that I'd have to live with it for months to come. Came across color oops and went to Walgreens immediately and bought 2 boxes (I have medium thick hair past my boobs). I figured at $9.99 per box it would be very worth it. I followed all directions, rinsed my hair profusely (about 25 minutes but with my long thick hair I probably should have rinsed more), washed twice followed by rinsing, then conditioned it and was pretty amazed that my hair was magically back to the color it was before I dyed it black!! Actually I think it was a bit lighter, but it has continued to darken into a nice rich dark brown with a nice red tone and some gold highlights. I actually really love it. It's the color I usually aim for when I dye it.... Anyway, it works!! Follow directions and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.

  • Allen - Best bike for the money (18 yr old male)

    The 2015 HASA R4 Road Bike is one of the best bikes you can purchase at this price. This bike is equipped with tons of Shimano parts which are known to be the best bike parts. The aluminum frame is lightweight and has a lifetime guarantee on it. This bike is easy to assemble. Just look at youtube videos to learn how to do the cables. It was easy for me and I'm not even a bike expert. Fastest I driven on a flat with this bike was 30mph in a tailwind. Brakes work very well. Good bike for the money. I am also 5'7 with a 30'' inseam and 52'' fits me very well.

  • Tanner Rockwell - Basically a multi vitamin in a bottle. There is ...

    Basically a multi vitamin in a bottle. There is no further information on the label to suggest otherwise. Also not consuming food for two days are part of the "diet". I utilized this while still eating a normal healthy meals. I did not see any loss. Save yourself money and take a multi vitamin.