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  • Aaron - Easy install, great OEM LED replacement.

    Works great! Easy install, should only take a few minutes to install. Great replacement for the factory OEM version.

  • Dwayne Burball - Big Ideas and Big Heart for Small Readers

    Not only is this a cute book with wonderful illustrations and a great message about everything being relative and the differences in perspective between people (or fuzzy bears), but it also happens to be the first real book my kindergartner read cover to cover completely on his own (aside from Bob Books and such). He's read it dozens of times and the illustrations still crack him up as if he's seeing them for the first time again. Especially the ending, which he loves.

  • Photogsc - Didn't work

    I poured the entire bottle on some carpet that had been urinated on. Followed the direction and even used a black light before and after. No difference. The urine was still in the carpet and the smell was still present

  • M. Owen - 2010 Errata fixed

    First of all, First Aid is the gold standard for Step 1 review. Memorize all of First Aid and I'll bet you'll get a 250 or above on your Step 1. Second, this edition took care of those 6 pages of errata from the 2010 version. So unless you feel like going through those 6 pages of errata on the First Aid website and making a ton of changes, I suggest buying the 2011 version. I know there will be a list of errata for this version, as Doctors in Training has already put together a preliminary list, but it is a much smaller list than the one from 2010.

  • M. Gustafson - Bridgestone 330 RX Rules

    I'm pretty picky about my golf balls. I succumbed recently to the Bridgestone commercials that talk about the RX being designed for the amateur swing speed of less than 105 mph and they are indeed true as I'm getting another 15-20 off the T and getting better scores cuz I'm 100-150 to the green instead of being out into the 3-6 iron range. And when I'm hittin my 6 or my 5, I would have been hitting 3 or my 4 so the benefits cascade all the way down the line. Haven't tried the RXS higher spin balls yet, but looking forward to them, but my hunch is I'll be happier with the distance over the spin performance. I should mention that the RX balls are soft and have a great feel anyway. I can't imagine how much better the RX S balls will be feel-wise. Bridgestone is there! You won't be sorry.

  • Katmandu - Nicely packed

    The bottles were delivered in a timely fashion. The pills are very powdery, so I was glad they were packed with cotton inserts.

  • R. Williams - Part of my gout prevention!!

    I developed gout in the past 4 years. I haven't tried any prescribed medication so I went the natural route. I currently use This product and tart cherry juice concentrate. I had a recent flair up ( I had run out of cherry juice and the turmeric/curcumin pills). I bought both again and my gout cleared up in a few days. Will be buying this monthly as a preventative measure!