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  • rusted orange - I've heard great things from others

    I've heard great things from others, and this definitely helps with the odor! Easy to use. Not offensive smelling. Unfortunately, our cat continued to urinate inappropriately and we needed more than this to help him. Great size!

  • mr honest - Green is gold

    I've used this product numerous times. Consumed "toxins" the day before and passed every time. Wouldn't use any other product. 👍👍 Drink a 12 oz bottle before then drink detox drink. Then another bottle of 16oz water in a timely manner. Once u pee green once your good. Start this process 1 1/2 to 2 hours before test and your good. Never failed yet. Been tested 6 times.

  • mayah - Accurate and easy to use

    This Innovo INV-430J Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is really works perfectly, Accurate and easy to use. The screen is clear and easy to see. I use it daily. Oximetry Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with silicon cover, batteries and lanyardFDA approved.

  • Lani702 - Great product with an incorporated Fitness regimen.

    I love this product and I put it on right before I go to my zumba or cardio workout. It does help me sweat and I can see my thighs slimming. My only complaint is that it's Really oily and hard to get of, so I have a designated Huge towel to wipe my hands, but it's worth it. I also which they sold it in bigger jars because it only lasted me a week, but that's with me using it literally daily and sometimes twice a day. I practically live at the gym and workout twice a day 6 days straight and sometimes 3 times a day, so I guess a normal person who works out just 3-4 times a week once a day, this would last for about 2 weeks give or take.It is kind of expensive if you use the product as much as I do, but like I said, it's also worth it because I see my thighs slimming and also becoming more toned. This of course is no miracle worker, but it works with a good fitness regimen and I can def. see a difference when I use this product, then I did before I started using it.

  • Fishfulthinkr - Really works!

    I started this plan back in January, after seeing Jorge on Anderson Cooper. I couldn't believe he was pretty much stating anyone could lose up to 9lbs in a week! Yah right! So I ordered this book based on the fact that my family and I needed to lose a few. I was stunned to think you could lose that much weight without even really trying, just by cutting sugars and carbs. Even though I never tried Atkins, as a nurse, I had reservations on trying this "diet". I read the book, and like others have said, it doesn't have a lot of info, other than limiting sugar to 5g per meal (15g per day), and carbsto 6 svgs per day. The book is filled with pictures on belly good/bad foods, along with meals of what your meal can look like vs one you order in a restaurant. I liked this feature. I'd rather not be bored to death with reading material, but put to use knowledge I can use in real life, like going to Olive Garden and making an equivalent "belly good" meal at home. After looking through this book, if nothing else, I learned about other products on the market that are healthier and don't spike your glucose, even if you're not diabetic. We can all afford to eat better, regardless of age, weight, disease conditions, etc. I learned of stevia, SoBe water, and Ezekiel products. They're not normally products that I'd buy just by walking by them in the store. So this book at least opened my awareness. I also began looking at food labels more religiously than before. I lost 7lbs the first week alone. It does work!

  • Amazon Customer - I am so happy with this product

    I am so happy with this product!!!! It was here in 2 days with standard shipping. About 6" to too long for my Chrysler but SO EASY to cut to size. Thank you so much. Great product Great service!!!! 5 stars!!