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  • D. Goodberry - Has a nice texture, but...

    While I certainly agree that this coffee is exceptionally rich, I have to give my honest opinion that it is one of the worst tasting blends I have tried in a while. I was intrigued by the description, and generally am pleased by Starbucks' coffees, but this one was truly a disappointment. There must be some room made for a bad batch or two, but with what a bag of Starbucks costs, especially a "special offering", I would consider this an unacceptable excuse. Stay with the classics, maybe some Aged Sumatra, or even step outside your boundaries and give another roaster a try!

  • E. Carter - Disk is unreadable.

    "The software arrived in a timely manner but the disk was unreadable and uninstallable. Informed vendor and was informed that I needed to contact the manufacturer which I did. The manufacturer informed me that I would need to get an RMA which involved more red tape and would have been far more costly to me than the original purchase price of the product. Wrote it off as a bad deal and lesson learned. but the seller has since contacted me and offered to either refund the purchase price or supply me with a new disk. NONE of this is the vendors fault. In fact he has conducted himself very honorably."

  • judy davenport - You just pay for the Rabbit tv usb plugin. If I could leave just no stars, I would. All this is, is a usb unit that you pay to

    download on your computer, so they can try to charge you additional fees to see, play or otherwise use and to pay for additional companies wanting to sell you something else like security, clean up computer and etc. Not worth the money. You can already get on the internet for free for what this offers for a fee. don't even thing about getting this, all you do is donate your money. Yes it is cheap, but its not even worth the 10.00. I am glad I purchased it at Wal-Mart, this way I can take it back and get a refund within 30 days. I am just glad I did not order this from tv or off the internet where I would of paid a S & H charge. Boy was I a sucker!!!

  • A. harley - A good refresher course in a book

    I attended AAPC coding program back in 2003; however, I was never able to land a job because of family issues that required me here at home. Rather than pay thousands of $$$$ to retake the course, I purchased this book by Carol Buck again like I did in 2003. It will bring you up to date. I found parts of this version long and tedious reading. Carol could have easily condensed many sections just with graphs alone. It would have saved on reading time. Despite that, I still recommend purchasing this book if you need a quick refresher or if you are "thinking about learning coding" to give you an idea of what it all entails.

  • R. Silver - Fun!!!

    Fun for the whole family! I love exercising to Just Dance 2015. It's fun to play when my friends and I get together (and we're in our 30's). It's also fun when my niece and nephew come over. I love how you can compete against other people internationally, which makes it more challenging.

  • Summer Davis - Good Night's Sleep, Woke Easily

    I usually hate taking night time sleep aids because I feel worse in the morning despite having slept 8 or more hours. This was mild enough that it helped me fall - and stay - asleep, but didn't make me feel like I had been hit by a pack of trampling elephants the next morning.

  • Mama of 4Littles - Seem to help

    It's hard to know if the probiotic drops are helping, or if my 4 month old baby's digestive system is finally maturing, but I think I can claim a decent improvement in her gassiness since starting to use these probiotic drops.