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  • KoiFarmer - This is a great guide, both for short-term tourists and those staying ...

    This is a great guide, both for short-term tourists and those staying in Hong Kong for longer. It hits all the highlights, and covers many areas of town that don't get a lot of attention from visitors. I've discovered many a great restaurant in here, too. Highly recommended.

  • Shanna Kauffman - Keep in mind the cover is not removable

    This seat has amazing safety features and is pretty simple to install. I learned the hard way however that even though the fabric wipes clean easily and looks like new it will still absorb a vomitting smell and it is not removable to be washed. Thankfully after a day in the sun the smell seems to have cleared up, but I know not everyone has an extra seat nor do they live in Az where humidity is low and sunshine is plentiful.

  • book lover - Contrived and unbelievable.

    If you like feeling manipulated and are a fan of unbelievable, contrived stories, this is the book for you. It drew on many cliches and most of the twists were predictable, but it was interesting enough that I read through to the end, although it was growing tedious by then. A decent airplane book, but you'll feel used by the time you finish.

  • kurt Ashton - Healing your body from the inside out!!!!!!!

    Hello, I am writing in response to not the body Ecology book, but rather the body Ecology products. Specifically the vitality supergreens. I do not like to use the word amazing, but that is the best word to describe this product. I started taking this product for about a week now, and noticed a significant difference in the way I feel. I was diagnosed four years ago with celiac disease, and I am trying to heal my small intestine as much as possible.. This product works!!!!!! All natural, nothing artificial. Good Stuff, very clean!!!

  • jim tapper - pac 12 is harder to get then drugs

    terrible..this channel is so hard to get.this whole thing with directv is a joke and the customer is who suffers.

  • Nyla - A Noticeable Difference

    I am extremely pleased with the results of using these facial pads. I've been using them for over six months and have noticed a big difference in my skin. The skin under and around my eyes looks much firmer which makes me look younger. I had some patches on the sides of my face that appeared to be clusters of freckles but I know it was damage from spending too much time in the sun. I have seen a distinct difference in this discoloration which makes me happy. I use 1/2 of a pad each morning after I use toner, and once the tingling from the pad has stopped I apply moisturizers and makeup. I will definitely continue using this product.

  • Harvey - I really like these headphones (earbuds) because they produce great sound with ...

    Item being reviewed: Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds Stereo Earphones, Secure Fit for Sports with Built-in Mic [Upgraded Version] Model TT-BH07U. This was order at the same time as a TaoTronics Bluetooth TX/RX (Model TT-BA07) and the two items paired without issue. I really like these headphones (earbuds) because they produce great sound with clarity and good Bass response. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound quality. It brought a smile to my face the first time a really bassie (is that a word?) sound came through. I actually though I was hearing something from 'outside' meaning not from the earbuds but after a short time I realized the sound was coming from the earbuds. I switched these ear pieces to the small one without problem and have worn the earbuds for over four hours at a stretch and not experienced any discomfort. I've not tried them with my iPhone yet but do not expect to have any problems with that. I recommend these earbuds without reservation.