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  • Steven Hernandez - Better turn it sideways, burn the grease and porter flap

    Why would I need five of these? I'll tell you why. They go quickly. Not only that, they're not reusable so you find yourself getting sucked into the system once you purchase them.

  • Lulichka - I have a love hate relationship with these shoes

    I have a love hate relationship with these shoes. They are absolutely amazingly comfortable. The do run snug, so definitely buy a 1/2 size up. I do wish they were a tad better made. This is my third pair of the exact same shoes. Every time, eventually, the top of the shoe gets a hole from my big toe. The reinforcement part does not quite get over the toe, so its more for aesthetics. I try to find them when they are discounted, so overall its a good deal anyways.

  • pammywammy - Keeps beverages cold for a long time!

    I used this coozie at a concert. It really kept my beer cold for hours during a 90 some degree day. You just unscrew the top and put your can in it. The coozie doesn't sweat and stays cold for a long time. It's comfortable to hold. This is great for anyone who is a slow drinker who wants to keep their drinks at a nice cold temperature. You can even use it for bottles which is nice. It definitely works better than the typical spongy coozie.

  • SpoiledMiss - It does work, but so does calorie counting and exercise.

    I ordered this initially from a distributor and for some reason I thankfully did not get caught up in the auto-ship. I did ob well the first shipment which lasted me about 5 weeks and have lost 10 pounds. I lost the weight through calorie counting and exercise, not just shakes alone. My initial email from my distributor told me to consume 1100-1200 calories a day, that would make anyone lose weight fast, duh. I said screw that and found my ideal calories from My Fitness Pal and went to work. I will not lie, after the first few days of shakes and snacks, I was starving/famished even. I then found better snack choices including a poached egg over dry toast, tasty and filling to get me through the beginning. I now dont need the heavy duty snacks and do great with Laughing Cow soft cheese and wheat crackers. I dont do the shakes everyday, it's really hard when I am feeding my daughter to try and drink a shake while she has something of substance to eat. I have started making healthier choices for dinner, including a lot of salads but all of this is stuff you can do without the shakes. I only continue them because it's so much easier to make a shake than trying to find another meal option that fills me up with so little calories.

  • Franklyn - My face thanks me

    I HAD problems with razor bumps and tried a few different products. I have been using Anids now for a over a year and i can tell you my razor bump problems are history.