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  • http://www.johnyfit.com/diabetes-insipidus-causes/ Diabetes Insipidus Causes | Johny Fit - Corps had a complex setup for balancing the volume and composition of corpus fluids.
  • http://www.johnyfit.com/depression-nos-4/ Depression Nos | Johny Fit - Whenever feeling down, or being energetic and upbeat at numerous points in his/her lifetime, practically everybody experiences at least brief periods of sadness
  • http://www.johnyfit.com/depo-shots-3/ Depo Shots | Johny Fit - The shot probably was merely what it sounds like a shot that keeps you from getting pregnant.
  • http://www.johnyfit.com/depo-shot-4/ Depo Shot | Johny Fit - Shot was usually just what it sounds like a shot that keeps you from getting pregnant.
  • http://www.johnyfit.com/definition-of-ligament-3/ Definition Of Ligament | Johny Fit - The posterior cruciate ligament has usually been vital for stabilizing knee and preventing it from bending back incorrect way.
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  • B A McDonald - Good product Symantec

    I've used NIS for several years past. I decided to switch to this in my effort to to handle the tablets and other mobile devices my family uses. I was worried this would hog the resources, but it has kept my computer and devices cleaned, tuned, and virus/malware free. Good product Symantec.

  • Elisa - Awesome Cleanser

    I am really satisfied with this product. So far its the best I have come across. When I say it cleans you out,it cleans you out. The first time I used it, it was in powder form. When I lokked in the toilet, I could not for the life of me imagine where all that waste came from inside of me. I'm switching to the pill to get away from the taste of the powder, but I would definitely recommend this cleanser to anyone.

  • Miss Monograms - Welcome Back Roe!

    It had been over seven years since Charlaine Harris gave us a peek into the life of Aurora Teagarden. That was, until last week, when All the Little Liars was released. All the Little Liars picks up where Poppy Done to Death left off and it is such a great story! Ms. Harris did Aurora - and all of her fans - right.

  • Laura_Beth - LOVE IT!

    Purchased this product after seeing a demo on youtube. Works just as great as I was hoping! it covers my acne scars and breakouts without looking cakey. Very pigmented high coverage but natural looking! Way better for skin then a regular foundation, so it helps me prevent getting more acne when trying to hide it. Was surprised by how small the packaging is but you really don't need much. I think it will last at least twice as long as a normal foundation would. If you have bad acne I would definitely give this product a try!

  • April Mcleod - Helped us get our miracle!

    Worth every single penny!! I don't have PCOS but I do have issues with egg quality. I started taking this a couple months prior to us starting fertility treatments. We were trying for a baby after being pregnant 8 times prior but sadly losing them all. I fully believe this product helped to make a better quality egg and because of it I am holding a beautiful 3 week old baby girl in my arms.

  • Kelsey A. Morrow - No good for me!

    Now to start off, I am in no way shape or form, fat. I am thin, but I do have some minimal cellulite on the backs of my legs and bum, that I wanted to get rid of. I figured that since I don't have very much, a cellulite cream would work really great for me. Right? Wrong. I bought this from the Bliss website, along with the seaweed cellulite soap. After a few uses every time I would use the products, it would turn red and blotchy in the spot that I applied it. I kept using it though because I realllly wanted it to work. It totally ruined my skin! Now, if I am in even a little bit warm water, my legs and bum flare up and turn bright red, keep in mind this isn't just hot water(everyone's skin turns red in hot water right?) this was in warm water too. It really sucks, and I hate that I even tried this. It didn't work for me at all either.

  • Mary S - Fantastic 5 Star Essential Oil Set

    This is such a great Set of Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. This set has a very good variety of oils that are perfect for starting out and or adding to your own collection. They are a good size 10ml bottles that hold a good amount of oil. They are very nicely lined up in the box with easy to read labels. These would make a great gift for someone and or gifting yourself, which I tend to do a lot.