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Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Professional Inspirational Keynote Speaker! - Joan E. Childs, LCSW, accomplished writer, published author and Keynote Inspirational Speaker. Life after Loss: Victim, Survivor or Phoenix?

  • http://www.joanechilds.com/blog-post/ "MUST READ BLOG POST"!!! Ready to speak! Willing to listen? - Joan E. Childs, ready to blog and turning her dream of becoming a professional keynote speaker to reality at the vintage age of 76!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/ Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Inspirational Keynote Speaker - SERVICES - Just adding to my list of services and launching my campaign this week to introduce myself as an inspirational keynote speaker.
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/five-day-intensive/ Joan E. Childs, LCSW, has created a FIVE-DAY INTENSIVE - Joan E. Childs, LCSW and Inspirational Speaker, has created a FIVE-DAY INTENSIVE as an alternative to in-patient treatment centers.
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/sub-page/ Couples Therapy - REPAIR, REBUILD, RESTORE! - Joan E Childs, LCSW, Certified Encounter-Centered Couple Therapist, Certified PAIRS Therapist and Couples 2 Day Intensive Therapy
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/grief-counselor/ Joan E. Childs, LCSW and Certified Grief Counselor! Start healing... - Joan E. Childs, LCSW, Inspirational Keynote Speaker and Certified Grief Counselor. Start the healing process today!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/psychotherapy/ Amazing psychotherapy, Joan E. Childs, helps you start healing... - Amazing psychotherapist, Joan E. Childs, LCSW and Inspirational Keynote Speaker helps you define your roadmap to healing...
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/edmr/ Joan E. Childs, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Certified - Joan E. Childs, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Certified. EMDR, most exciting contributions made in the field of psychotherapy!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/sample-page/small-business-human-resource-consultant/ Joan E. Childs, Small Business Consultant, defines edge to get ahead! - Joan E. Childs, Inspirational Keynote Speaker & small business consultant helps your business find the edge your business, needs to get ahead!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/about-joan/ About Joan E. Childs, LCSW, Psychotherapist - Read about Joan E. Childs, LCSW, Psychotherapist, specializing in change work for human potentiality, personal growth, and self-actualization.
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/publicspeaker/ Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Inspirational Keynote Speaker! - Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Inspirational Keynote Speaker! LIFE AFTER LOSS: Victim Survivor or The Phoenix? Your Choice!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/contact/ Contact Joan E. Childs at 954 568-1004 - You can contact Keynote Inspirational Speaker, Joan E. Childs, LCSW via phone (954) 568-1004 or email... I am ready to speak if your ready to listen!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/human-being-vs-human-doing/ Human Being vs Human Doing: Which One Are You? By Joan E. Childs, - Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Inspirational Keynote Speaker presents " Human Being vs Human Doing: Which One Are You?
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/how-terrorism-terrorizes-us-by-joan-e-childs-lcsw/ How Terrorism Terrorizes Us by Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Speaker - In light of the recent anniversary of 911, Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Inspirational Speaker, shares her take on "How Terrorism Terrorizes US"
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/relationships-losing-yourself-to-another/ RELATIONSHIPS: LOSING YOURSELF TO ANOTHER by Joan E. Childs - Joan E. Childs shares her interpretation of "The Kiss by Klimt" and blogs "Losing yourself to another" Remember that a kiss is just a kiss...
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/927-2/ Why did she Jump? Article posted by the Hollywood Gazette! - If you have not had a chance to read, check out "WHY DID SHE JUMP? Article posted by the Hollywood Gazette, Darlene Pistocchi
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/908-2/ "Honor to have attended some of Joan E. Childs presentations" REVIEW - Eileen J. Cohen, LMFT, CAP shares "Honor to have attended some of Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Keynote Speaker presentations"
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/olympic-gold-medal-look-inside/ WHERE IS YOUR OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL? LOOK INSIDE by Joan - WHERE IS YOUR OLYMPIC GOLD MEDAL? LOOK INSIDE! "Everyone has a gold medal inside of them". by Joan E. Childs, Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/conversations-dog-motik-joan-e-childs/ "Conversations with my Dog, Motik" by Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Speaker - "Conversations with my Dog, Motik (a Hebrew word meaning “sweetie”), my 10-year-old Pekingese, recently injured for the second time...
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/donald-omg-joan-e-childs-lcsw-inspiration-keynote-speaker/ The Donald! OMG by Joan E. Childs, Insprational Keynote Speaker - I never considered writing a political blog. It's not my forte, but as a practicing psychotherapist, I felt compelled to share my opinion!
  • http://www.joanechilds.com/reinvented-almost-77-joan-e-childs/ The REINVENTED ME! (At almost 77) by Joan E. Childs, LCSW - Joan E. Childs, LCSW & Profession Inspirational Keynote Speaker, ask the question "What does it mean to be reinvented?

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  • Kimberley DelFino - For The NFL Fanatic!!!!

    I bought these NFL Stickers for my husband since he already has the Panini 2015 NFL Sticker Album. The set consists of a total of 10 individually sealed packs. The packs are sealed individually. The packs contain 7 stickers and are full glossy color. The stickers list the player's name and team, the player's name and special honor. With such a huge assortment of stickers that come in this collection, you can easily complete a lot of the team pages rather quickly. My husband is a NFL fanatic, this set of stickers will keep him busy for awhile. I received this product free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Andrea U Schifreen - ovasitol

    So I received the ovasitol started taking it once a day for a week to allow my body get use to it. So far I don't have sugar cravings and my appetite has decreased some. I will be taking it twice a day this week so I will see what it does. Have had slight stomach upset but not bad. I have been watching what I eat along side of it. I do not drink caffiene products every once in a while. I'm hoping it will help with my periods, acne and ovulation as I have problems in those areas. I am finishing my birth control pack and then will be taking this only to see if it will do something.

  • Marigold - Very good.

    I had read many reviews before deciding which Antivirus to buy. I chose Norton because of its long standing and respect in the computer world. I like it a lot. Works well, tells me what I need to know without intruding and making access to websites difficult as some do.,

  • Amazon Customer - Great Inexpensive Guards You Can Install Yourself

    I couldn't believe how easy these were to install, once I got started. The only obstacle to getting them all installed by myself is that some parts of my guttering are too high for my ladder to access.

  • Stephanie - Great safe car seat (especially for taller babies)

    After much research, we purchased this car seat for my 8 month old daughter, and it's truly met all of our needs to date. We chose this seat for several reasons: safety (rebound bar and steel construction); length of use (she's in the 90+ percentile for height and want her to stay rear facing as long as possible. This seat accommodates the tallest height rear-facing); profile (my husband and I are tall, and we needed something that wouldn't infringe too much on leg room); wear (my sister has a Foonf and raved about the ability to easily clean their fabric, stays looking new). There's more, but hopefully that helps if you're considering the seat. Cons are the weight (it's heavy, but we're not moving it regularly), a little tough to install at first (but what carseats aren't, really).