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  • C-Berg - Awesome product

    I actually ordered this product directly off their website as it was cheaper. After doing a bit of research online and liking what I was reading, I ventured and got their 2 pack with Vanillla and Chocolate Brownie. I actually am reordering today another 2 pack as I am now on my end of my last tubs. Flavor is great, even a tad bit on the sweet side sometimes and I am a sweets person!! I prefer the vanilla as I feel it is not as sweet and I like to make a shake/smoothie in the mornings with frozen berries/ 1/2 frozen banana and some chia seeds. It is delicious!!! At night before I go to bed, when I get hungry again or am craving sweets, I like to do a chocolate brownie and it satisfies my craving and hunger. I really do love it so far , like mentioned my only displease is the overpowering sweetness it can bring if you use coconut milk or full cup of almond milk etc. I usually do 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup of water and that seems to be perfect. It does not have an after taste as 90% of protein shakes do out there. I work out about 6x a week, try to eat clean 6days a week and have 6 small portioned meals thought the day, making this shake 2 of my meals a day but always always my Ideal shake at night to get good protein in my body while I sleep. I highly recommend. I lost 6 lbs in just 2-3 weeks by doing this. If you follow them on Facebook they have several recipes for healthy snacks or meals you can incorporate this powder into.

  • Laurie Oh - I love this Place!!!

    There is a magic in R. S. Grey’s A Place in the Sun that transports the reader to a quaint village on the gorgeous Italian coast and lets us experience it via all five senses without ever leaving our chairs. From there it only gets better. This book a sweet, funny, witty romance with characters who are desperately in need of change in their own lives and as per her usual, R. S. Grey does a brilliant job of weaving this story.

  • Dutch - Excellent champage guide - you won't regret buying it!

    Excellent guide for champagne lovers. As in any champagne book you won't find all brands and releases - probably it's not feasible or practical. However you'll find most of popular (in the US) brands and more. Strong sides: