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  • http://www.isettlements.com/3-important-tips-to-ensure-a-secure-financial-future/ 3 Important Tips to Ensure a Secure Financial Future - If you get cash for your settlement payment, you'l have the opportunity to pay off most or all of your debt, make smart investments, and save the rest of it.
  • http://www.isettlements.com/3-responsible-ideas-on-how-to-spend-your-structured-settlement-money/ 3 Responsible Ideas On How to Spend Your Structured Settlement Money - There are many reasons why you should sell structured settlement payments when you're in your 20s or 30s, including improving your look, turning your home in a smart home, and going on a nice trip.
  • http://www.isettlements.com/3-reasons-why-selling-your-structured-settlement-just-makes-sense/ 3 Reasons Why Selling Your Structured Settlement Just Makes Sense - Selling a structured settlement and receiving a large lump sum of cash can be great for you now and for securing your financial future.
  • http://www.isettlements.com/3-important-things-to-monitor-when-selling-fixed-annuities/ 3 Important Things to Monitor When Selling Fixed Annuities - Selling fixed annuities is a great way to set yourself up for a secure financial future. Make sure you keep an eye on some important aspects of your financial situation though.
  • http://www.isettlements.com/4-things-you-should-do-after-receiving-a-large-lump-sum-of-cash/ 4 Things You Should Do After Receiving a Large Lump Sum of Cash - Cash for structured settlement payments can allow you to follow your passion, pay off student debt, make a milestone purchase and keep enough in your savings in case of an emergency.
  • http://www.isettlements.com/getting-a-lump-sum-5-awesome-ways-to-spend-your-cash/ Getting a Lump Sum? 5 Awesome Ways to Spend Your Cash - Five ways to spend your money after getting a lump sum payment from a structured settlement or annuity

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