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Ipsen Limited UK | Home - Ipsen Limited is the UK subsidiary of Ipsen, a global biotechnology specialty care Group. Products supplied in the UK include Decapeptyl SR & Salvacyl (triptorelin, LHRH agonist/GnRH analogue), Dysport (clostridium botulinum type a toxin-haemagglutinin complex, botulinum toxin), Increlex (mecasermin - recombinant IGF-1, Insulin-like growth factor), NutropinAq (somatropin, growth hormone) and Somatuline (lanreotide, somatostatin analogue).

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  • Ren1216 - Used to like it - now meh

    I've used Kaspersky in the past to diagnose and eradicate a virus or two, and was very satisfied with the results. This is my first time subscribing to their continuous protection and although I find it to be pretty good, I do have a few complaints with the software. First, I keep getting a warning message about my network not being secure/private. I have checked, adjusted, and re-checked the settings again and again. It's set properly and my network IS secure. There isn't a way (that I can find) to turn off only certain notifications, and I don't want to disable ALL of the notifications just because of this pesky one. Not a huge deal, but annoying. I did try using the online chat support feature on the Kaspersky website to remedy this... ugh, what a colossal waste of time (and my second complaint). All that said, the protection engages quickly, updates quietly and is unobtrusive when scanning. It has caught and cleaned some Trojan / malware junk on a secondary pc. Therefore, I'm happy with the quality of protection KIS provides and my initial rating is 4 stars.

  • mystery lady - It's A Real Proformer!!

    My husband and I needed to lose some weight and strengthen our backs and legs. WE ARE OLDER AND GETTING OUT OF SHAPE IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!! Now we are feeling better and even looking a little bit better. The machine wasn't too hard to set up. It took probably two hours to set . Also it is very heavy! Be sure to have help getting it where it is going to be used. Go slow and read directions. You can run it as slow or fast as you want. It also has the incline position. My husband uses it nearly every day and I use it about ever other day. Love it!!!!.

  • Soft Paws - Great before it stops working

    Was working great until it stopped working correctly after 6 months. Very unhappy with this mechanical keyboard as I paid close to $100 and expected something that wouldn't give out on me. The keys don't register pushes anymore. Unhappy with the direction Razer has gone with this.

  • Peggy A - Take a Break from Winter - It's Grammy Time!

    The 2014 version of the Grammy Nominees is a solid album. There are a lot of stand-out songs in this collection. "Brave," for example, is brilliant, and it has a powerful social message, too. This year's collection includes some selections that are edgier and riskier than songs included in previous collections. With great risks, the highs can be higher than normal ("Just Give Me a Reason"), but the lows can be lower than normal ("Retrograde").

  • dwfoth - Great so far!

    I have been using this product for about a week and so far I love it. My plug is in a location a little further away than most cars would have and yet people I talk to say the connection is clear, the only thing they mention is the sound of my A/C vents if it is on high. After turning down my A/C slightly they can no longer hear it. I do wish it had two USB connections to charge a second phone/tablet, but that is a minor issue for me.

  • D. James - Seems to have helped, not positive.

    I think this worked to some degree, but not totally sure. My truck did have some visible gas escaping that I can't detect anymore, but I don't drive this vehicle much and can't say how well or long it has worked.

  • Jesse - ONLY 1 con

    I love it because it is SAFE, it is huge and very comfortable for my 3 month old. It puts my mind at ease knowing she is safe! I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 ONLY because it was VERY hard to unbuckle at the begining. But I think that was because it was new and just needed the push button to be worn in a little! It is huge (that is annoying HOWEVER I'm okay with it because it fits and I know my daughter is safe)