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  • Lewis T. Fitch - The 2012 election from inside the campaign operations.

    All (well, maybe most of the major) ins and outs of the two campaigns for the presidency. Explains the overt logic behind the decisions that were made, and shows where some of the determining actions were taken.

  • Robert - Easing from a PC to an Apple product

    It was the only way to go when I switched from a PC to an IMac. I had 20 years of documents on my PC and once this product was downloaded to my IMac, I am still able to access my documents and pictures without reformatting them one by one. I am computer literate but not a computer wiz. I needed the program and it works for me. There is still a learning curve since the display of document files is quite different to what I'm used to.

  • Michael Trimble - I've been collecting and reading Best American Travel Writing since 2000 and like them so ...

    I've been collecting and reading Best American Travel Writing since 2000 and like them so well I began adding Best American Essays to the collection about 4 years later. I look forward to each new edition every October and in recent years I have to say Essays have been consistently better overall than Travel Writing -- until the 2015 edition, that is. This edition is so bad it actually mad me a little angry. I don't know if it was just an off year for essays or, as I suspect is more likely the case, the guest editor has particularly poor judgement and taste. It's not that the wordsmithing is bad, just that the subject matters are boring and the delivery plodding beyond endurance. I was only able to read a few from start to finish, giving up on the rest long before the authors did. Even Cheryl Strayed and David Sedaris, who can usually be counted on to hold your attention, maybe even evoke a smile or two, were weak compared to previous contributions. Really disappointing after waiting all year. Save your time and money, skip this one.

  • S. Patrick - don't see any results

    I'm 56 and have fine lines and wrinkles.. I used this at least daily for one month and saw no difference.

  • B. P. Crues - Underwhelmed

    I thought this would be better than Sally Hansen since Olay has built a name for itself lately in the beauty aisle however i was greatly disappointed. The protecting balm is stiff and hard to massage into your treatment area for 20 secs as directed. The creme removal stung as it was applied and then after 8 minutes I still had to tweezer hair stubble. Perhaps, it is meant for fine, fine hair only. If so, it should say that on the box. My facial hair is fine to medium but I can't use this product. I am going back to Sally Hansen.