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IVRS :: Inland Valley Recovery Services - IVRS is an non-profit agency providing affordable-cost substance abuse recovery and counseling programs and services including detoxification, outpatient treatment, and individual and group counseling.

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  • trackhorse - No Joy Here

    If you like death; loss; murder; suicide; depression; violence; PTSD; hatred of siblings, parents, or children, then this is the volume for you. If you enjoy feeling bad about yourself and the world: go for it. I'm not looking for perpetual sunshine, but a tiny ray to illuminate the literary shadows would have been nice.

  • Real Reality - This is amazing Lol

    Just love it!!! Better than i expected. Don't by expensive sport cams unless you are very rich. I used to have Go Pro, broke in a crash! 300 dollars gone in a second.

  • Alexander D. Rossi - What a surprise

    I was going to buy this product, but after reading the negative reviews I decided not to waste my money. I received this as a Christmas gift. After reading the instructions and following them, I made my first batch of banana soft ice cream. What a pleasant surprise. It was great. I have since used strawberry's with the bananas and it was even better. I think the negative reviews were the result of not following the directions. The next surprise was the easy cleaning of the machine. It easily breaks down to three pieces. I keep it on the counter where it is readily available.If you like soft ice cream, you will love this product.

  • WayneP - Solid, informative, reliable

    I'm doing a major home renovation project, and that includes electrical work. I've never liked electrical, ben zapped more times than I'd like, and the wiring in this place is flaky, to put it mildly. I bought a cheaper tester, the damn thing fell apart after a week in my tool bag. This one, though, has been rock solid, and tells me everything I need to know about the condition of an outlet, including GFCI testing. Definitely a keeper!

  • Raul - Excellent!

    Loved it! I always wanted to have a BlackWidow, but as a tidy/OCD-ish person having a mostly white setup, I decided to wait. When they announed the Chroma series, I instantly bought it, since you can change the keys to any color. It is super customizable, the sound on the keys is good, as well as the response. Size is right,, you don't have to worry about fingerprints, since it has a matte finish. And the price is pretty good!

  • J. W. Kennedy - An international assortment

    The year's best essays, articles, and short stories, collected from American periodicals by _high school students_? Before you recoil in horror, let me assure you, it's much better than you would probably expect. There's a high percentage of violence and profanity, but most of this material is nevertheless pretty good.