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Instituto Internacional de Qi Gong - iiqg - QI/CHI = ENERGÍA + GONG = TRABAJO El también llamado “Yoga Chino” se centra en mejorar nuestra salud y nuestra calidad de vida

  • http://www.iiqg.com/practica-qi-gong/ Practica Qi Gong - iiqg - El Qi Gong es nuestro aliado ideal para combatir con el mal del siglo XXI: EL ESTRÉS.

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  • Dog Lover - Not for Mac

    All the info in the book was OK, some really good advice but it works with PC, not MAC and it doesn't tell you that until you get it home.

  • Bill Faith - Likely the LUCAS!

    iI had about 12 oz.Lucas in a 4 cylinder Honda. My daughter was away and out in the summer desert with the car and ran it for 10-15 minutes"very very hot"-on her way to the next town with smoke coming off big time(-the dumb things kids do! ) I told her take it to a mechanic the next week if would even start! She drove to a shop who told her the radiator hose had busted big time . The mechanic checked the car out after the hose repair and said the spark plugs were also almost entirely burned up.< and he d never seen that in a car w/o a destroyed engine. He replaced the plugs and off she went.Ilater drove the car 500 miles and it ran fine! I told my local 5 star mechanic ,and commented I had some Lucas in the engine. This very capable old timer nodded his head and said yeah! it may just have kept the engine from seizing up! I know there are those knowledgeable people who say nay when it comes to additives ,but I am a believer!

  • Jake - Just Dance 2014

    My daughter loves this franchise, this is her fourth installment of it. From what I can tell it isn't much different than the older versions, mainly just all new music. She loves it, and it keeps her moving and off the couch during the winter, so what else could you want from a video game?

  • Festus Kimari - It has good sound quality and has a soft feel to my ...

    It has good sound quality and has a soft feel to my ears.I actually took a shower still wearing them and they were still good,though the sound gets distired due to rubbing of the ears by water.I love it.

  • Nancy Ransome - Great way to get the vitamins a woman needs

    Great way to get the vitamins a woman needs. I put it in my berry smoothies to cover up the taste which can be a bit strong. Best vitamins I have had to date. Also I lost 10 pounds, not meaning to, when I first started this with no change in diet.

  • Adichou - Amazing fragrance and I discovered that my hair had more texture that I have never noticed b4

    My first time using this product on my 4c Mane and I am loving the texture of my hair already...Just finished twisting my hair....I sprayed water and use a tiny portion per strand to twist ...thats all it takes to keep my hair twisted and elongated...lets see what it will look like tomorrow...will be back with more update.