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  • G. Mahoney - Toshiba CB35-C3300. First take AND Google Chrome-TAKE NOTE!

    Okay, here's a two day's in use snapshot of my take on things so far. Let me first begin by saying that I agonized over the decision to 1) buy this particular laptop, and 2) give a Chromebook a shot. I knew it was going to be a leap of faith abandoning my Microsoft heritage, and hopefully this helps some of you make an educated decision. Unlike many other reviews, I am a very capable user, and this was for me, not my daughter/mother/father. I still have my uber powerful desktop, as well as my wife's Acer budget laptop (full size) for comparison.

  • MyLifeMyMelody - Fast shipping, one okay product.

    I ran out of Mary Kay Timewise Day & Night Solution, so I ordered these due to price and free shipping. The items delivered before the expected date and the container was in stellar condition. The Night Solution smells and feels just fine. However, the Day Solution reeked and was runny. I have bought these two solutions from a Mary Kay beauty consultant in my hometown before, and the Day Solution she sold me had the consistency of a topical face lotion and did not smell of odor. I checked the bottom of the bottles and it read "2011". I am unsure if that was when the product was made or if it was the copyright on the label, but I was a little disappointed in the quality of the Day Solution. Nonetheless, I was happy with the Night Solution and speed of the shipping.

  • Joshua Feldblyum - Josh's Music Reviews

    Pink Floyd's epic album is definitely one of the greatest music masterpieces of all time. While diehard Floyd fans may say that Dark Side of the Moon was infinitely better, The Wall, disturbingly beautiful, is still an undisputed classic. The story it tells, while easier to understand upon viewing the movie, is still here in all its dark glory, following a rock star through his battered mind and eventual breakdown. From start to finish, it's a nightmare dressed like a fantasy, easy listening that requires multiple close inspections. And that's just how it sounds on the surface.

  • Giselle S - Pretty good stroller and bassinet. But company loves to nickel and dime you

    This review is a protest against a put babies silly decision to not include adapters when you buy this nearly $900 stroller.

  • Casou01 - So far, so good

    I am currently studying for my GRE and I find it to be very useful. It provides a lot of great pointers and tons of sample questions and exams. Great book to get you ready for the GRE exam. Would definitely recommend it.

  • Portcitymama - Not good for bare floors but great for carpets

    I initially LOVED my Shark because I started out on a carpet. I was completely amazed at how well it cleaned my carpet and shocked at the visual image of gunk it pulled out of the carpet. I was equally impressed with the powerful suction it had for attachments. Then I tried to vacuum my bare floors. I tend to vacuum every other day so I don't always vacuum underneath the dining table etc. The Shark blew the dust bunnies and other lightweight material around my bare floors forcing me to "chase" things across the floor and up against a wall so they could be sucked up. I couldn't just vacuum around the table - I had to vacuum under it as well to blow or chase the pet hair and dust bunnies that gathered from the far end of the room where vacuuming began. I also found it a little tricky to maneuver the hose and attachment pieces with the cord and the hose both being in the back of the unit. I was never sure if the cord was in the right place and it seemed to get in the way. Initially I loved the bagless feature for two reasons A) it is so cool to actually see the stuff you are cleaning off your floors B) I liked not having to buy filters. But I don't like the way you have to empty this canister vs. the Dyson. The release latch is on the bottom so you can get stuff on your hands and you can't get the bottom of the canister down deep into the trach can because you have to be able to release the bottom latch. This creates dust that comes right back at you and gets on your hands (the Dyson has a release latch on the top of the canister so you can put the canister far into the trash when you release the latch). I also noticed the lid to my trash can was very dirty after a couple days of using this vacuum. If Shark could move the air output to the back of the unit and add HEPA filtration this might be the great vacuum! I really wanted to love this vacuum because it was so affordable and PURPLE but I ultimately wound up returning it. If you have wall to wall carpeting than this is a great vacuum but I can not suggest it for bare floors. I would have rated it 1 but it really did such an amazing job on my carpets.