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  • Ap6161 - Oval makeup brush rose gold handle

    I got this brush in the mail right after I got out of the shower yesterday and even though I was not going anywhere I wanted to try it out so I glommed up in makeup just to wash it off an hour later before going to bed. I tried this first with a lightweight foundation. I am the kind of person who has large pores and foundation ends up making them stand out even more if I don't use a moisturizer and blend really good. I put three drops on this brush and whisked it around my face for several minutes and I had a pretty nice coverage. It seemed like more of the makeup went on my face and less stayed stuck in the brush. Immediately after I used this with a blush and a highlighter and both products went on and blended nicely. I was very pleased with my results. I washed this out right away so I could see how well bristles would stay put. I didn't have any issues. No bristles pulled out and it actually washed out very easily. It must have did a good job of not holding onto much makeup because it washed clean within seconds and water was practically clear but my face looked great. I recieved this brush for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. I am very in love with this type of brush. I think that the more people try them the more people who are going to switch from traditional makeup brushes to this style.

  • concurrenSea - The brightness of this light is so good. The throw is amazing and the Fenix construction ...

    The brightness of this light is so good. The throw is amazing and the Fenix construction of the throw and fill put it way over the top. I compared similar but slightly cheaper flashlights and this one is hands down the stronger and more clear flashlight. Thanks Fenix for such an awesome product. While its not the cheapest light, i promise you its worth it once you power it on. (I use 18650s a wide range between 1800-2700ma btw, just tossed the small batts that came with it)

  • Marlona - Grease-Free...Bologna

    This is a horrible product, it claims not to be greasy but it has cedar oil and lemongrass oil and has left a stain on the bottom of my 3 sofa's where my dog rubs up against. It's been 3 weeks and 10 baths for my dog since he continues to rub on the sofa's and the residue of this product rubs onto him and makes him a grease ball. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT IF YOU ANIMAL RUBS AGAINST YOUR FURNITURE. It is very greasy and stinky!

  • Susan - Love Love Love.

    I have been wanting these so bad. I was finally given the chance to get them. I ABSOLUTELY love them. They have the best sound quality I have ever heard. I love that unlike the sport kind the buttons are bigger and a lot easier to use since you can't see it and have to rely on touch. They can get super loud and still do not sound like old busted speakers. The voice quality when making calls is clear and it doesn't sound like I am talking in a barrel so my test caller told me. The distance from device is better than most also. I'm able to get a good 30 feet from my devise before it alerts that it has disconnected. I like that the set fits under my shirt and no one can even tell I have it on. I did get this item for free for my honest review.

  • LiquidD - Worked out Great! Comfortable and good fit

    Worked out Great! Comfortable and good fit, easy installation. Looks really good along with the slush mats that match. Feels like a Tonka Truck inside

  • Alyssa leen S. Zablan - I received in on time and was really happy with the product

    I've only used It twice so far. A nectarine 1st day (tasted like cocunt, weird but good) & lemons today. Infused very well both times & is tasty, I've refilled it 3 times today and it's still lemony (many more weee breaks but that's a good thing). I'm loving it! I read most of the low star rated reviews and haven't experienced any of those or any other problems with mine. I feel the construction is good & sturdy. I like the mouth spout, lid and everything else about it. Good size too. Not too big & not to small. Haven't tried it with hot water yet, looking fwd to green tea & lemon. You can place in dishwasher, but they recommend hand washing. I just added a few drops of soap & hot tap water & shook & rinsed (no leaking!) and felt its clean enough. Once filled with water & fruit & closed you can shake & hold upside down with no leaking! Yes, the bottle does 'sweat' if really cold..not a concern of minebut maybe for others. Will be getting another one shortly so my roomy has her own, we love it! I bought it on discount in exchange of unbiased review