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  • Aaron - These command strips are my new best friend. It's like pulling teeth to get my ...

    These command strips are my new best friend. It's like pulling teeth to get my husband to hang things and I always screw up and put holes everywhere in the walls. These are unbelievably easy to apply and if I mess up on where I put them, I can pull them off without messing up the paint or leaving holes. So far they've held the picture frames I've used them for quite well - some are pretty heavy, too. I read they're good for earthquakes, better than nails. It can be tricky to get it lined up so I actually stick the two sides together on the back of the picture and then hold the picture firmly where I want it hung. Instead of doing one first and then the other. Took me a while to figure out that trick. Pretty much done with nails from now on, haha.

  • Lilies & Laughs - Not the best, but not the worst either....

    I've had better deep conditioners, but this one works well enough. I think I'll stick with my Kiehls Argan Oil deep conditioner. I have a lot of thick, curly hair though, so it's tough to condition.

  • JustAGirl - If you like poison, you'll love this

    Tried some samples from a friend who was a Nerium representative, and both the night and day cream caused skin irritation and inflammation. It was embarrassing and I had to cover up my skin with makeup. On Day 3, started feeling nauseous and stopped using it the morning of Day 5 once I made the connection. I did a cleanse after that, and am glad I didn't spend all the money to buy the actual product. I'm posting here because I've found Nerium suppresses and deletes criticism and I'm upset at how my rep treated me.

  • Amazon Customer - Great product!

    I started using the drops the about a week after receiving them. Although I could not follow the diet exactly because I have diabetes mellitus, I followed a diet with a daily caloric intake of 1200, as recommended by my doctor, and have lost 9 lbs so far. It's been 3 weeks and I plan on adding some daily exercise as well. Losing 3 lbs a week is great; waistcoat considering that I haven't changed my diet much. I am addicted to cookies, and still have them while continuing to lose weight. I love these drops!

  • chrobs - Teasingly Feature-packed, but Disappointing

    Very Disappointed. I have been looking for a Backup Solution for my home network. 3 computers, server Smartphones and tablets. As an IT professional who supports a backup scenario at work, I know what I want in terms of features. this Acronis prooduct seems to have all that - Esp the Incremental/Differential feature so I'm not doing Full backups every week (day) and can have small backups in between that only back up changes. The Cloud version of this product also synch up mobiles and tablets nicely (supposedly). Other vendors may off these features, but they are not advertised so I am unaware to date. Acronis has many other features, but I never got that far.

  • O. Mira - Very RUDE and horrible service

    I have never had such customer service! RIPP-OFFS!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY, TIME, AND NERVES! NOT WORTH the product! Luiminess company in Stafford TX, scams! Cannot express enough my frustration and wasted money and time!!!

  • Michael Harris - Album of the Year

    Amazing Album all the way threw!! It has a sweet melody to it,but has standout tracks that hit hard. The lyricism is top notch!! A hip hop album which address issues aswell as goes to topics some won't talk on!! Hip Hop Album of the year hands down! Get yours today!