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Hope for Two... The Pregnant with Cancer Network - Hope for Two: The Pregnant With Cancer Network is an organization dedicated to providing information, support and hope to women diagnosed with cancer while pregnant.

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  • Silverclone1 - More impressive than expected!

    My Giro Aeon arrived just in time for a New York Heat wave, so my first ride truly tested what this helmet could do in 93 degree humid weather (real feel including humidity= 100 degrees on this day) for a 30-mile ride. Once unpacked, I was easy able to fit the Giro Aeon helmet to my head (follow the Giro booklet instructions if you are not sure how to fit a helmet). Walking through my house I was initially surprised to feel air channel through. This helmet is so light; I forgot I was wearing it at one point. Now, onto the test -93 degree heat: I wore a sweat blocker head band under the helmet, so most of my head was exposed under the helmet. Moving at 8-14mph I could feel the cooling power of these vents, and once I got up to 21mph I was no longer feeling the heat at all. Hitting downhill speed at 45mph and tucked, I noticed the airflow channeling effectively. I attained 5 Strava Personal Records on this ride –did the helmet help? I think it played a large part because I was not overheating at all. Some mentioned hearing a noise similar to a car approaching when air is flowing through. At high speeds I did hear this and looked back a couple of times. It is a similar sound, but once I was able to differentiate the two sounds, the airflow sound became unapparent. In mid-ride, I stopped. In this humid 93 degree weather day, my head did not feel nearly as hot as my previous helmet, and did not feel a need to take it off. This helmet is extremely light and comfortable. Style-wise, the Giro Aeon looks wonderful and adjusts well, even on the fly. Well worth the money. Ask me in six months about my New York Winter Ride results…

  • Bob Todd - Be patient, you will get to like it...

    Well, I have worked with Word 2002 for a long time. Then I got a trial of Word 2010 and had nothing good to say... at first. But as I continued writing my book with it, I got so I don't want to go back to Word 2002. The only thing is, I have a Russian translator for Word 2002 and don't for Word 2010. However, I can go on line now and make my Russian text appear as English so that does not seem to be a problem any more. I am eighty years old and have tried to learn to type about sixy five years ago so pardon my typos. Bob

  • Nader - I think the best way to describe this bed is medium firm with ...

    My previous spring mattress was as hard as a rock. I suffered from lower back pain and rib pain as a side sleeper on a hard mattress with pressure points. The first few nights for me was up in the air, as i think my muscles and bones had to readjust. On the 4th night, voila ... i slept all the way through. I think the best way to describe this bed is medium firm with no pressure points. This mattress has literally changed my life, as i am now pain free. I forgot what it was like to wake up without aches. Bottom line is ... your mattress is CRITICAL, buy a good one. I'm sold on the foam concepts. There are now about 5 similar products like this. You can review the comparisons on Youtube. The Yogabed worked for me. If you hate it, they give you 365 days now to return it for a refund. They also include 2 pillows, and the mattress cover unzips so you can wash it. They also will include a topper of memory foam if you want to soften it a bit.