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Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - Nestled in the leafy suburb of Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, Hillcrest Private Hospital provides quality health care driven by a strong, customer-centric focus. Our newly built establishment boasts an extensive range of top medical facilities and offerings designed to meet the growing needs of our community.

  • http://www.hillcresthospital.co.za/pages/3098/explore-our-world Explore what Hillcrest Hospital can offer you - Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - Integral to our philosophy of providing quality health care solutions is our dedication to our 3Cs - Customer, Care and Comfort.
  • http://www.hillcresthospital.co.za/pages/3099/health-care Hillcrest Private Hospital offers even more comfort - Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - The hospital?s 200-bed capacity allows staff to give patients added attention, care and comfort. These extra comforts take Hillcrest Private Hospital from good to great in our quest to provide patients with a relaxing, convenient and professional medical experience.
  • http://www.hillcresthospital.co.za/pages/3100/technology Hillcrest Private Hospital is a new, fresh, inviting environment equipped with the latest medical instruments and facilities - Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - Skills and high-tech tools allow our staff to deliver a level of care that meet and exceed our patients? health needs. From our eight state-of-the-art theatres and comprehensive ICU facilities, to an impressive IT infrastructure, our staff and systems allow patients to benefit from cutting-edge technology coupled with a comfortable and inviting hospital experience.
  • http://www.hillcresthospital.co.za/pages/3101/facilities-and-services Hillcrest Private Hospital Services - Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - Hillcrest Private Hospital offers an extensive range of medical, interventional and diagnostic facilities. Each department is designed to benefit the patient by not only meeting their medical needs, but their need for a safe, comfortable environment.
  • http://www.hillcresthospital.co.za/pages/3093/careers Careers at Hillcrest Private Hospital - Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - Skilled and professional staff form the foundation of a well run hospital. At Hillcrest Private Hospital, we provide a state of the art facility with the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to allow our medical professionals to work effectively.
  • http://www.hillcresthospital.co.za/pages/3096/contact-us Contact the Hillcrest Private Hospital - Hillcrest Private Hospital KZN South Africa - Hillcrest Private Hospital?s unique geographical positioning allows patients and visitors the convenience of a world-class medical facility set in peaceful, tranquil natural surroundings. Easily accessible from the N3, M13, and central Hillcrest roads

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