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  • waterlove - Good-bye ravenous hunger!

    I'm slightly hypo-thyroid but not enough to be put on "real" meds. I noticed as the years went I gained a little more and a little more weight, mostly because of my appetite partly because of my slower metabolism. Recently, this summer, I've begun to become HUNGRY, STARVING all of the time. I'm only 43 and my migraines were getting worse and not necessarily coinciding with my period. I started on Amberen a few weeks ago. In the first week I noticed I just wasn't as hungry, just not as obssessed with food like I usually am. I could eat huge meals all day long before but now I could take a few bites and feel full- my appetite was much more tame. I wasn't sure if it was the Amberen or not but here I am at three weeks and I'm fitting into pants I could barely squeeze into a few weeks ago and my belly rolls are shrinking. Also, I'm much more even-keeled- my PMS was nill- I didn't even know I was starting my period 'til it came!

  • Holland Hale - Used at my Dealership

    This is a very good product. We restore a lot of headlights at Atlantic Auto Exchange. We used to buy a commercial product until we tried the Sylvania kit. It has all products included to clean and seal up to two sets of lights. If you take your time and follow the directions you will see tremendous improvement in the lenses and they will stay clear for quite a while. We have customers with two years on the road since the cleaning and the lenses are still clear. Do not let the lenses get wet until the product has dried completely! We buy it by the case.

  • Brandy - New Version is Unstructured and Hard to Follow

    I bought the original Body Ecology book about 10 years ago. It helped me tremendously. It outlined the phases of the diet and talked about general cleansing supplements like spirulina and DGL tablets.

  • mike - great mattress!

    my wife and I bought this mattress to replace our old one. we've had it for a couple of weeks. the first few days it was different but now it is great! we sleep soundly with minimal tossing and turning

  • W. Breeding - ... had my Element Ti4 for 2 weeks now and love this box

    I have had my Element Ti4 for 2 weeks now and love this box! It came preloaded with tons of apps and gives you the flexibility to get others if you need to! The Kodi version is the latest stable one along with typical android and google apps. I have the Ti4 on a wireless connection with my network and it has no problems with download speed. The back has 3 usb ports and it has expandable memory through it's flash drive port.

  • Robynn - Great Product

    Very happy with my Aroma single hot plates...I ordered 2. The are very functional, attractive, east to clean and have great heat control. The only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is they do take a little long to heat up initially, or bring something to boil, but with that said, they work exceptionally well in every other way and are quite the bargain for the price.