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CHI Conferences - Your Life Science Network - Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) is the leader in conference and event development and management for the life sciences industry. Since 1992, CHI has been offering the life sciences community specialized information through its conferences and integrated portfolio of products and has produced over 500 conferences attracting more than 50,000 attendees from around the world ranging from leading researchers and business experts from top pharmaceutical, biotech, CROs, academia, and niche service providers.

  • http://www.healthtech.com/Lead-Gen/ CHI Conferences - Your Life Science Network - Cambridge Healthtech Institute' s Global Web Symposia offer real-time instruction by top leaders in the field on being a prepared project leader, regulatory expections for comparability during process optimization and scale-up, and much more! Discussion topics include: Roles of a Project Leader What is the Optimal Project Leader Skill Set and how to develop it In moving out of your comfort zone from line manager to project leader, you can manage in other lines with “adequate” authority The Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills of Prepared Project Leaders Partnering with Line Managers, the bosses of your team reps Critical Quality Attributes-what are they and how do you control them during process scale-up? How is scale-up likely to change your product? How big an impact does a change in production cell line have? Case studies to provide a roadmap for the critical issues facing companies today as they rigorously try to meet regulatory expectations Comparable is NOT identical-we’ll describe what changes are good, what ones are neutral, and what is unacceptable in today’s environment. Yield and purity requirements-the sliding scale throughout the development cycle Register today for one of our cutting-edge global web symposia!

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  • Narcisse Mint - That's one awesome book I keep reading in bits n pieces every ...

    I've actually read the original book. That's one awesome book I keep reading in bits n pieces every time I see it. Of course there are lot many great books on human psychology of habits but this one states it in simple words through various case studies and proven experiments. I particularly liked Walmart and data scientist, the odor free solution of P&G case study, the case of compulsive gambler and of sentries at Iraq, and Starbucks to name a few. (Did I just cover a half book in them? Lol) But it's wonderful read. Besides it has take away lessons you can apply directly. Ever since I read that a trivial routine change like making your bed can be pivotal I keep things changing and it works every time! Finding the cues and changing the routine to get rewarded - a single topic has been experimented in worldwide renowned labs depicts the importance of issue (if you thinking it's not worthy to read about it.)

  • Justin R - Pretty good, but...

    Timbuk2 makes a great bag, of course. This is for the 2014 models, medium size. The logo is a bit different. The internal organization is improved in my opinion, with water bottle holders on each side (or whatever else you can fit in there). I use this as a camera bag with the camera insert (insert I use is one size smaller than bag). There is lots of room for all kinds of stuff. Wings on the side make it even more waterproof. Velcro closure is improved. The only two complaints I have: The strap cam lock. The new design routinely pops loose on me and my bag falls to it's longest adjustment. This gets pretty annoying, and I would have gotten an older model had I known. It's tolerable, usually, and only happens when I am either taking the bag off or putting it over my shoulder. The second cross strap, for running and biking, is much more difficult to attach and remove quickly. I just use the old one from my last bag. The lifetime warranty through timbuk2 isn't exactly consumer friendly, so I scrapped the idea of sending it off to timbuk2 to replace the camlock. At this point, I am going to try to put the traditional style cam lock from my old bag on this bag. The material on this bag is different, at least from my last bag. It's cordura, and while a strong fabric, doesn't have the structure of my last bag. All of the bags don't have this material exclusively, though.

  • CkayLee - So far I love it!

    I was searching a lot of scar removal products before purchased this one. I am a bit skipital because I have never heard about thia brand before. But since there's a high percentage of 5 stars reviews. And I did checked out the photo album that many customers uploaded. Finally take my bottle. So far I like the smell as others said so. And one thing I am agree with others is the bottle was so small! I hope there's a bigger size I can purchase.

  • Amy L. Delisle - great quality

    Needed this for a class- great quality I was worried it might start to rip as I use it every day however, the pages are staying intact. not issues

  • AdamP - I needed to download now - Microsoft Office download site was down

    HOrrible purchase. I needed this immediately for work so I bought it online. Amazon issues you a key and directs you to Microsoft Office site to download the program - except the Office site is "down"!!!! I can't download the program until the site is back up. I'm up against a deadline, it's the middle of the workday, how could Microsoft do this? Never again trust Microsoft.

  • Chris - Super easy to use and looks a thousand times better ...

    Super easy to use and looks a thousand times better now. Saved me from having to call my stupid landlord and stay home half a day to just reseal around my shower. Looks so nice that I did both bathrooms in my house.

  • Amanda Dominique - Smells good, but not as effective

    Shampoo smells great and rinses easily, even on my long haired doxies. Was a little disappointed in that it did not cleanse the skin impurities enough to ease the itches, or the smell. Needed to wash daily in order to see effects. Unfortunately I had better luck with the chemical shampoos.