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  • Ap6161 - iPhone 7 Plus case by Spigen

    This review is for the IPhone 7 plus case by Spigen with air cushion technology. Like many cases that I have tried out in the past, this is a two part case in that you snap on the inner she'll and then seperately you snap on a second outter shell for added protection. I have not physically put this one my phone yet as I am still waiting for it to ship. This is a drop-tested military grade case. It has a great warp around feature for the edges to provide top-notch protection especially on the corners where it is needed the most. Every time I have broken a screen on a phone in the past or a kid has broken a screen on thier phones in my family it has happened due to hitting the corner of the phone screen. This case does not fully cover the front, but it does protect these corners nicely. This is a nice silver color with a clear second shell to it. It is a great case for either sex. I find that my husband likes this case just as much as I do. I love that this case is thin even though it has two layers to it, and it is also extreamly light weight. This is a very good case for the price, and I would consider it to be next level in protection just under the otter box type cases that cost a fortune with the exception that this does not have any immediate protection for the from of the phone.

  • Noreen Depalma - Love these Grammy Nominees CD's

    I have 3 of the CD's from various years of Grammy Nominees, which I previously purchased from Amazon. I really like them for the variety of music genres that are covered on each one. This makes the 4th one to add to my collection.

  • donna c. allen - Fantastic way to gain strength in legs and upper body

    Fantastic way to gain strength in legs and upper body. Like arms to be little lower down with workout but ok😄

  • Heather - large amount of nail polish remover ingredient - not on my skin

    The acetone which is a large portion of the ingredient list will get into your system thru your skin. This is nail polish remover! The smell is as strong as putting your nose in a bottle of nail polish remover. I would put it on while holding my breath and have to walk quickly around the house to walk into fresh air until it dried. it holds tightly to your skin and I found it noticeable during the night. I threw it out based on the likely absorption thru the skin of such a large amount of acetone, which would be as healthy as rubbing nail polish remover all over your face and neck every night. it was tightening my skin but how - by PICKLING it?? Surprised this passed any laws. The concept of having your face creams held in and not rubbed off on the pillow is kinda cool but that acetone needs to go before I would look at it again.

  • Sherrie H - Just have to know the trick for those who complain about this polish!!!!!

    There were a lot of complaints about this polish in that is peels and doesn't stay on even with a topcoat. I buy a lot of glittery polishes (that part is beautiful) so I took this polish and mixed it up (I love mixing colored glitters) with some of my other glitters and this seemed to do the trick. I also add a top coat and then another coat of the polish and another of the top coat. So for all those who complain about peeling try this or add to a soft color like silver or pink - the glitter should come through and wouldn't peel because it has been mixed and it's not standing on its own. I just ordered two more bottles (I now have four) and I really love it. A lot of my glitter polishes are larger sparkles so this interacts with the larger and comes out a beautiful mixture of the two. Check it out. OPI has a number of glittery polishes and try the search engine for more - that should help immensely with the peeling problem! Good luck!!!

  • Amazon Customer - I felt this would best work on the light-bar

    I used this with my Eyourlife Off Road Extra 52" Light Bar 300W Flood Spot Combo Beam. After reading the reviews, I felt this would best work on the light-bar. It does and looks great in cab of my 98 Wrangler. This does not come with a housing just the wires and switches. I personally just pulled off the bottom cover of my steering wheel mount and simply measured and cut out my own space. The beveled mounting clasps on the switch holds the switch in place. Looks like a pro did the work. All the wiring looks capable and the instructions made the rest of the hook-up simple. I have run the lights several times and have not had any electrical issues thus far. I'll update if a problem arises. So far, going on 6 months of satisfaction.