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Medical Equipment & Supplies | Healthcare and Rehab - Healthcare and Rehab has been in business since 1984 serving home health care supplies in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer and Vancouver. Our Vancover store also specialises in physiotheaphy and rehabilitation solutions. We carry Medical Supplies, Home Health Care Products, Surgical Supplies, Wheelchairs and Scooters, Chiropractic and Massage Tables. New products are Bed Bug Traps, Lampe Berger Air Purifiers from France, Ball Chairs, Bee by the Sea and Natural CALM Supplement, Sea Buckthorn Skin Care Line.

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  • anthony2823 - GREAT for older cars! A Must buy

    It goes against everything in my bones to like this product but I do. I do very much actually. I have had many cars in my lifetime and my Corvette is a garage queen. I am obsessive with taking care of my cars mechanically and in cleaning them. I honestly can say I have tried every product in the brick and mortar stores along with some pretty fantastic products such as JetSeal and Zanio Brother line up of car care products.

  • J. Robelen - Works as well as they claim, but have plenty of ice!

    Designed by Cooper Union engineering students who proved it was the most efficient way to chill beverages, the Cooper Cooler never fails to fascinate those guests who turn up at your barbecue with warm beer, wine, or soda. Happily, it also never fails to chill your potables to the core. Be warned, however, that you will consume a lot of ice in the process. (Since this device does not actually perform any refrigeration, you provide a mixture of water and ice which it cascades over the spinning container. The ice melts completely after only a few chilled cans, or one bottle of wine.)

  • L.S. - Buy a plug in lamp/light and a timer and save money

    I really wanted to love this but it was a disaster. My son did learn the concepts of stay in bed while red and green means go, wake up... But the actual lights were so bight it was my nightmare.