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Key concepts for health and its recovery - www.headbacktohealth.com - A Health resource site for patients. To be healthy, we need to be involved in gaining knowledge, being personally responsible for what happens to us. Information formaking better decisions about recovery of health. Locations: Olinda and Mornington Victoria

  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/bowen.html Bowen Therapy - www.headbacktohealth.com - The Bowen technique is a sophisticated method of alerting the body to its own discomforts, with a view to allowing the body, via brain organization to correct the malfunction
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/Myofascial_Release.html Myofascial release - www.headbacktohealth.com - Myofascia permeates the human body. It is one of the membranes that covers and supports all organs, glands, bone, muscle brain & nerves. It moves and is responsible for shock absorbtion. It can be injured and needs to be treated for the optimal function of the whole body.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/microcurrent.html Microcurrent - www.headbacktohealth.com - Microcurrent is delivered in millionths of an ampere. This is of the order of magnitude that the body itself creates to stimulate life processes. This minute current is used to relieve pain and to stimulate repair processes,
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/auriculotherapy.html Auriculotherapy - www.headbacktohealth.com - What is Auriculotherapy? The best way to look at Auriculotherapy is as modernised ear acupuncture: BUT: No needles are used - instead specialised micro-current treatment is utilised. It is recognised by ....
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/EFT.html Emotional Freedom Technique & SET - www.headbacktohealth.com - Some of the studies that are of interest and relevance to chiropractic care are not actually the work of chiropractors. Some of these are found in the "medical" literature, osteopathic, neurological, immunological etc. Not placed in any particular order.....Emotions are NOT just all in your head.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/Nutrition.html Nutrition - www.headbacktohealth.com - Nutrients are the chemicals that make up our bodies, repair them and supply the energy to keep it working. Food production is paid on a per kilo or volume basis. It is not valued on the basis of nutritional content.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/Koren_Specific_Technique.html Koren Specific Technique - www.headbacktohealth.com - The Koren Specific Technique is one of the newer methods of Chiropractic. It is a unique system of analysis. It is often used with an instrument the 'Arthrostim' as its method of creating the changes in the body to help the body to correct itself.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/TRT.html Torque Release Technique - www.headbacktohealth.com - A guide as to why Torque Release Technique is used and what you can experience. Peter Robb Olinda East of Melbourne,Victoria
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/Toftness.html "Toftness - headbacktohealth.com" - The Toftness System of Chiropractic is a gentle method of improving spinal function. Research papers are presented.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/Jennetics.html Jennetics and Stress - www.headbacktohealth.com - Stress is discussed as an overloading learned response. The brain's response to stress can be reeducated to operate less from leaned programming. Jennetics a chiropractic technique enables this to happen. Symptoms are not the main concern. Repair is.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/TBM_IBD.html TBM & IBD - 29 May 2009- TBM and IBD use the neuromuscular reflex tests and body access points to access the body's bio-computer, the nervous system, and read the functionality of its programs.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/AK.html Applied Kinesiology - www.headbacktohealth.com - Applied Kinesiology is the study of movement and muscle function as it relates to the correction of body physiology. AK uses muscle testing to assist diagnosis and function assessment. Simple therapeutic measures are applied and retested for effectiveness.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/NET.html NET - www.headbacktohealth.com - The truth is that emotions are the result of the super fast processing of neurological input, at a rate that is much faster than our conscious brain can ..... perpetuated in spite of us knowing that the event is from the past. Try it on everything.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/find_us.html Find us - www.headbacktohealth.com - Find us for chiropractic at 61 Kehoe Lane Bobinawarrah Victoria, using Torque Release Technique, Applied Kinesiology, Jennetics, EFT and NET, Stress management, Microcurrent therapy, Nutritional and wellness advice.
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/New_patient_forms.html New Patient Forms - www.headbacktohealth.com - New patient forms for download with a link to more 'secret' information about chiropractic
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/Peter_Bio.html Peter Robb - www.headbacktohealth.com - Peter's Bio, Summary of professional history with major post graduate courses/seminars listed. Other interests: photography, Flying, Harmonica, French polishing, Cartels just to name a few
  • http://www.headbacktohealth.com/privacy%20statement.html Studies Relevant to Chiropractic - www.headbacktohealth.com - Peter,Robb,Beechworth,Mornington,Australia,chiropractor,Victoria,privacy,statement

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  • Gabrielle Vinyard - Caliper Maptitude and Environmental Work

    Caliper Maptitude has been super helpful in doing environmental work and monitoring waterways and their surrounding neighborhoods. It allows you to add important layers to the main page so that you can add even more information. It is also a nice stepping stone from Google Maps to a program like GSI.

  • Scott A. Frahmann - Awesome product!

    This is an amazing device! I was hoping it was as nice as a CuBox-i4, which I already have, for $150.00. It surpassed it in many ways! It seems very responsive, comes with many repositories automatically. Great in so many ways! I will just point out the only downfall in my opinion. It does come with a remote which is really nice. The remote falls short as far as a mouse pointer. You have to use the directional buttons to move around which is really cumbersome and slow. Do not expect this to be as good as a real mouse. It can do what a real mouse can which is a huge plus, but I would recommend getting a real usb mouse or something like the Lynec C120 air mouse. Any cheapo usb mouse will probably work. There are plenty of other air mice that probably work just fine. The most comfortable experience is with a real usb mouse. That, of course, is not perfect for a living room setting which is where the air mouse is preferred. Other than that, I can't complain right now. I have to give it an A rating. If it weren't for the mouse shortfall, it would get an A+.

  • R. J. Hughes - Great little lights!

    These little solar lights are great! I have two large dogs and a decently sized back yard that can be difficult to see in at night. I hated letting the dogs out before bed only to have them disappear into the darkness where I couldn't even see them. Since it was dark everywhere, one of them liked to go down the side of the house and doesn't like to come back right away when called. This meant I would sometimes have to tiptoe through the grass after him, to make sure a gate hadn't been left open or he had somehow gotten out another way. He never actually made it out but the anxiety wasn't worth it.

  • fmrico - So far so good, been training in these shoes for a couple ...

    Trained with these shoes for 8 months , were great at first then the last couple of months they started to break down on the back heels to a point can no longer train with them. I have had good luck with these the last couple of pairs i purchased not sure why these broke down. I am a speed walker and sometime runner so they are not abused my any means. I purchase new shoes every year and still have 2 pairs of GT,s that did not do this.