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Compounding Pharmacy NYC | HALDEY Pharmaceutical Compounding - HALDEY Pharmaceutical is a leader in the pharmaceutical compounding field, serving the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Brooklyn & Queens. Visit us today!

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  • http://www.hcompound.com/about-us/from-the-president-dr-emil-haldey/ Dr. Emil Haldey | Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding Brooklyn NYC - A message from Emil Haldey, owner & president of Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding, offering solutions like hormone testing & therapy for men & women in NY.
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  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/hospice/ Hospice Care Pharmacy CT | Hospice Medications NYC - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding provides custom strength and dosage medications for patients in hospices including pain relief medications & sedation.
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  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/mens-health/mens-hormone-replacement/ Male Hormone Replacement Therapy NYC | Haldey Compounding Pharmacy - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding offers custom hormonal treatments for erectile dysfunction, impotence, low testosterone & other male hormonal disorders.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/pain-management/ Pain Management Medication NYC | Pain Management CT - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding offers custom treatments for pain management including arthritis, back pain, muscle pains, migraines, joints & more.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/pediatric/ Custom Children's Medication NYC | Haldey Compounding - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding offers custom treatments for children, including autism treatment, diaper rash, head lice & Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/podiatric/ Foot Pain Medication NYC | Foot Pain Relief CT - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding provides a wide variety of topical & oral medications for podiatry & diabetic foot care pain relief, wart removal & more.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/sports-medicine/ Sports Medicine NYC | Sports Injury Medicine CT - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding provides topical gels, tablets and other medications for sports injury treatment, joint pains, bone fractures & more.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/womens-health/ Vaginal Infection Treatment NYC | Women's Health NYC - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding provides custom compounded women's health medications & solutions for female patients in both New York, CT & New Jersey.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/womens-health/womens-hormone-replacement/ BHRT Menopause Treatment NYC | Haldey Compounding - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding offers women’s hormonal treatments & hormone replacement for menopause, depression, fatigue, & other hormonal issues.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/compounding-services/wound-care/ Wound Treatment Medication NYC | Wound Treatment CT - Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding offers custom topical & oral medications & treatments for wound care, poor blood circulation, & poor blood flow.
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  • http://www.hcompound.com/practitioners/ Compounding for Practitioners NY | Haldey Pharmaceutical - Working in concert with physicians and pharmacists, Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding provides a host of compounding pharmacy medications and solutions.
  • http://www.hcompound.com/practitioners/how-to-prescribe-a-compounded-rx/ How to Prescribe Custom Compounded Medication NYC - Learn about prescribing compounded medications as a pharmacy practitioner in NYC, from Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding. Give us a call for more help!
  • http://www.hcompound.com/practitioners/practitioner-faq/ Compounding FAQs for Practitioners in NYC | Haldey Compounding NY - Click here to read common questions Haldey Pharmaceutical Compounding receives from the compounding pharmacy practitioners we work with in NY, NJ & CT.
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  • Amazon Customer - It came super fast, easy to program on my 2008 Impala

    It came super fast, easy to program on my 2008 Impala. Everything works. I honestly wasn't expecting the trunk to open but it does. I will highly recommend for the price.

  • Angie - My lovely product

    I have been using Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask for more than a year and I like its result a lot. My hair needs a good and deep care especially after my child's born. I use a little of this mask on my wet hair, leave it for about 3-5 minutes and then wash. After the usage my hair becomes softer, I can comb them easily (I have the problem of combing). It has very pleasant smell and I love it on my hair.Recommend to buy.

  • outdoor guy - Great idea but too costly

    Giving a sample is a great way to sell a product .. But I think these sample should have been free or cost $1.

  • John J - Of course it will last a lifetime. Its metal!

    What's interesting is there are so many people reviewing these knives who are wowed and claim they last a lifetime - had them for 10, 20, 30, 40 plus years. No kidding, its a piece of metal. The knife blade isn't going to just break if you use it like a knife and not like a pry bar. I find the balance to be off, especially compared to a serious knife like a Wustoff. The Cutco handle feels cheep in the hand and his set so far back from the blade one can not get a proper hold. I actually like the inexpensive department store knife in my kitchen drawer a lot better, and guess what? It will last a lifetime too! I maintain my knives on a decent set of sharpening stones and they remain razor sharp. There is absolutely nothing special about the Cutco. Its an okay knife and the handle comfort may be subjective, however, they are definitely not worth the price. I too sat in on a sales pitch by a friend's daughter who, quite frankly, just wasnt old enough to really know what she was talking about when it came to kitchen cutlery. Zero credibility. And why in the world would I cut rope with a kitchen knife? Lame. Use the right tool for the right job. I don't cut tomatoes with my outdoor knife, and I don't cut rope with my kitchen knife.