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Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - Home - Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals (HMP) specializes in the development, manufacture, and out-licensing of specialty pharmaceutical products with a special emphasis on complex generic drug products and biologicals. Our manufacturing and development facilities ha

  • http://www.harvestmoonpharma.com/our_mission Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - Our Mission - Harvest Moon Pharma was founded to observe the Sullivan Principles of Social Responsibility and to contribute its profits to a foundation for education of girls in rural China and other countries in need.  
  • http://www.harvestmoonpharma.com/how_we_work Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - How We Work - Our Goal and Plan to Achieve Our MissionOur Goal is to bring affordable low cost pharmaceuticals from our worldwide factories  to regulated markets of the world.
  • http://www.harvestmoonpharma.com/contact_us Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - Contact Us - Partnering is an essential part of our business strategy.  HMP welcomes the opportunity to partner with you.   We can be reached at:  [email protected]
  • http://www.harvestmoonpharma.com/biosimilar_products Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - BiosimilarProducts - Products to Speed You to Market:cDNA clones:  synthetic target genes available for six recombinant proteins and five monoclonal antibiodies. DNA sequences were reversed translated from the amino acid sequences with convenient restriction sites introduced.
  • http://www.harvestmoonpharma.com/biosimilar_products_ii Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - BiosimilarProducts II - High Performance Stable Cell LinesWe offer technologies and services for the rapid development of high performance stable production cell lines for biosimilarsWe offer contract development of high producing mammalian cell lines expressing biosimilars, incl
  • http://www.harvestmoonpharma.com/biosimilar_products_iii Harvest Moon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc. - BiosimilarProducts III - Other Biosimilars and Copy Biologicals**Low Cost EPO for the EU Market :   $1.80 per 1,000 IU vial CIF blank labels and $3.00 per 2000 IU vial CIf blank labelsNeulasta (PEG Filgrastim) Biosimilar   Registered in 2 countries with pK studies, recombinant pla

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  • bktiger86 - its great...but quality isn't that good

    for a $15 dollar rubiks cube...its good as in terms of rotation and feel, but it is not that good when it comes to quality. the stickers starts to peel within 1 week of usage

  • Robert W. Vanackooy - So far....so good.

    Mice have been making homes in my 2002 Eclipse GT heater core and on top of the engine (and this is an outside car that doesn't stay parked for long periods of time). I've tried moth balls, dryer sheets, Irish Spring soap, etc. and finally stumbled upon this product (Fresh Cab). So far, it seems that Fresh Cab is doing its job to keep the mice out of my car (I placed four pouches in the engine area, one in the cabin, and one in the trunk). It has a Christmas tree smell and a LOT better than the odor of moth balls. I am hopeful that this product will continue to keep the pesky mice out of my car. I also have put strategically placed pouches of Fresh Cab in my garage to keep my other car safe from the pesky mice. I am currently impressed with Fresh Cab and am optimistic that it will continue to do its job. I currently am on schedule to get 12 pouches every 3 months, since the product loses effectiveness after 90 days.

  • r_rch - Love

    Very moisturizing. I use it following my protein treatments to keep my hair from getting hard (so I use it once every 6 weeks or so). I have relaxed hair.

  • Linda Cuckovich - Excellent for vaginal health, eliminated hemorrhoids, too?

    This probiotic is great for pelvic health; like many other reviewers, I have stopped having yeast infections since I started taking RepHresh. I didn't have odor issues, but I did also have terrible chronic hemorrhoids, which cleared up within a few days of starting this product. It has been several months, and they have not come back even once!

  • CHUCK RICE - its ok

    i tried it and it was ok but it was after all not real hair ,, i got a product thats hard to find called zx42 and allmost all of my real hair is back

  • justshopping98 - Love This Product

    I love the way it goes on and how soft it makes my skin feel. My face looks great with using only a small amount of this and I don't need to apply face powder afterwards. Love this product and will purchase again!

  • D. Jenkins - Love The Book's Content (Easy to Understand)

    I had to purchase this book for my MBA Fin Mgmt I class last semester. I actually purchased it from the bookstore. I didn't have a finance background. I really liked the way the authors made the subject easy to understand and comprehend. It gives you plenty of examples. The answers and calculations are given for the self-test questions. This class was taken all online. When I initially had taken this class on campus, I had to drop it because I wasn't understanding the concepts. After taking an Accounting course, I felt I was better preprared for this course a second time around. This book is written for the novice and advanced student.