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Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island | Haikou's best budget accommodation. - Book a room at Haikou Banana Hostel direct with us and pay no booking fee! Welcome to the best budget travel Hostel in Haikou, Hainan Island, South China Sea. Here you can also find information about travel on Hainan Island.

  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/location-directions Location & Directions - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - General Directions to Haikou Banana Hostel: Haikou Hostel is located in the North-East of Haikou City. We are on a large island called Haidian Dao
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/rooms-prices Rooms & Prices - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Here is a list of our rooms and their prices. Room Type Price (RMB) Dormitory 40 - 50 Single - 1 single bed. 98 Twin - 2 single beds. 138
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/get-to-hainan Get to Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - There are 3 main ways to get to Hainan Island: plane, train & bus. There are frequent flights from all major Chinese cities and Hong-Kong to Haikou
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/haikou-guide Haikou Guide - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Haikou Travel Guide Haikou is a fairly large tropical city and the capital of Hainan. It is the business and transport centre of the island and a major
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide Hainan Travel Guide - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Hainan island is characterized by a tropical climate, a relaxed pace of life, and plentiful beaches. Outside Haikou, the capital city, Hainan is
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/cycling Cycling - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Cycling has become a popular activity on Hainan. Both Chinese and foreigners enjoy exploring Hainan by bike. Maybe you just want to cycle a few
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/surfing-hainan Surfing Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Hainan’s east coast, approximately 200 km long, is well positioned to receive typhoon swells, as well as the northeast swells that wrap around
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/south-hainan South Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Sanya (in Hainanese, Tam A, pronounced 'Dumb Ah') is the tropical resort at the southern end of Hainan that everyone seems to be going to. If you like
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/soth-east-hainan South East Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - The South-east, often simply called the East Coast, covers Xinglong with its hot springs, botanical gardens, local coffee, and Indonesian theme park
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/central-hainan Central Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - The mountainous centre of Hainan is certainly worth exploring. Travel to the centre of Hainan and you can find beautiful rural landscapes, mountains,
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/east-hainan East Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - This area, centred on the city of Qionghai (Hainanese Heng Hai, pronounced 'Heng High'), is emerging as a rival to the Southeast Coast (namely Xinglong
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/north-east-hainan North East Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Wenchang (Hainanese Ven Sio, pronounced 'Vun Syo'), to the east of Haikou on the northeastern corner of the island, is the centre of Han settlement and
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/north-west-hainan North West Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - This covers Danzhou (locally known as Nada), Lingao, Chenmai, and Dingan Counties. The most prominent attraction in Danzhou is the ancient Dongpo
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/west-hainan West Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - The West Coast and South-West Coast of Hainan is one of the least travelled places on the island. Poor and left behind by development on other parts of
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/expat-life Expat Life - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - Many expats find electric bikes to be a convenient way to get around the city. They can be purchased for around 2-3000 RMB. Electric bikes require a
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/camping-in-hainan Camping in Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - It is possible to camp in Hainan both on the beach and in the countryside. I haven't seen any campsites, but from my personal experience it is possible
  • http://www.haikouhostel.com/hainan-travel-guide/transport-in-hainan Transport in Hainan - Haikou Banana Hostel, Hainan Island - This page gives information about the transport options availiable within Hainan Island for travellers, backpackers and tourists. The main way to travel

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