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Group Medical Supply: Diabetic Supplies, Syringes, Medication/Pill Cases, Frio Wallets, Insulin Cases - Group Medical Supply offers diabetic bags, techniice, optical products, pill boxes, pill reminders, frio wallets, and household items.

  • https://www.groupmedicalsupply.com//groupmedicalsupply.com/gms-closeouts Closeouts - Great Savings On Discontinued Stock - Closeouts, REDUCED PRICE CLOSEOUT ITEMSGroup Medical Supply Close Out inventory. Diabetic bags and pill reminders that have been discontinued.

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  • Kevin - Great addition to my JK!

    Love the look and works extremely well for all radio stations when "in-town" the further away the worse the reception. That said it is excellent for my satellite radio. Not a change at all with satellite reception. Great product and very small.

  • Small town girl - Worked for me with a couple of work-arounds

    I downloaded Quicken 2010 Home and Business as an update for Quicken 2009 Home and Business. The download and installation from Amazon was no problem after I downloaded the Amazon files for downloading software and games. Had a slight problem getting my old Quicken files to convert to the new version of Quicken. Ended up bypassing the installation option to convert my old files and instead used the "file/open" option after I got the software installed and that worked fine, converted my files and then I just saved that opened file. Also had a problem in that I have another program that uses the .pdf printer option and the Quicken .pdf printer settings were keeping my other software from using the .pdf printer option. I had to delete and reinstall the .pdf printer file for that other software so that it would again be first in line. Overall, this seems to be a smoother upgrade than 2009 which was a nightmare until they got all their glitches fixed. I would also add that I tried the online support from Quicken and after waiting in the print cue for 24 minutes, at 9 seconds it canceled my request and gave me a search box instead so I wouldn't waste my time waiting in line for help.

  • M. Hernandez - Breaking Bad!

    Heard this on Breaking Bad and had to get it. It's a pretty song and fits in perfectly in my "random" playlist.

  • StaceyW - GREAT PRODUCT!!!

    My husband has been a courier for the number 1 non-union delivery service for almost 15 yrs. He does heavy lifting each and every day. He seems to be on a regular regimen of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, which rarely works, and also is doing damage to his liver. One day after having pulled something in his upper back, we stopped at the drug store to get some icy hot, bengay etc....after being referred to Australian Dream Cream by another customer, I decided to get it instead, even though it was $30 compared to the common menthol rubs for $8. It said Empty Jar Guarantee, so I figured what the heck? I must say I'm so surprised that there aren't more good reviews of this product, because after one application and 10 minutes, he had already seen improvement. Now I must say that he needed another application in about 3 hours, but it really worked without oral medicine and burning back syndrome. I definately recommend this product!

  • Wendy F. - love it

    use this in my 6 step evening Dr. D. routine. My face feels so clean & tingly after using. Also, the pads are almost dripping because there is so much product on them, they do not skimp on product.

  • oasis - hallmark card studio 2012

    I naturally looked this product up at the manufacturers web site but, the price was pretty steep. I surfed the net looking for this product and stumbled on to Amazon's site. This product was not only the cheapest but, it was the most up to date edition. The postage cost to Australia was very reasonable and quite quick considering it was the xmas and new year period. I have made Amazon my first visit when looking for items and use the price as a benchmark when lookin at othe sites. I buy my E Books through Amazon and are amazed at their speed and efficiency.

  • Keltic - Great Tablet, Especially for the Price!

    I bought this iRulu 10.1" tablet back in November 2012 as a Christmas gift for myself (from my wife of course). I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. When it came in early December, I opened it up to make sure it charged and that everything worked. Indeed it did. I reopened it on Christmas and having been using it daily since. I'm thrilled with the performance of this tablet. You can't expect the speed and touch response of an iPad or similar device, but for the price it's outstanding. The model number I received was the iRulu AL101. Although the screen resolution is listed at 1280*720 in the product description, it's really only 1024x600. This wasn't a huge deal to me. It still works fine. It also lists the processor as an Infortm x210 ARM11, 1GHz Processor but mine only had an ARM8, 1GHz Processor. This still isn't that big of a deal.