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  • Sweetsue - Great product line

    I'm going to start this by saying I have super thick curly/frizzy mess of hair with a real oily scalp that I have no choice but to wash daily due to all the oil. My hair dresser even agrees I have to wash daily even though she wished I could go least every other day. I also have issues finding products for my hair that are parabin/sulfate free products that don't give me grease streaks. So this is my xp with my type of hair and scalp. I've used the serum for couple years for when I straighten my hair always loved the smell and I could go 2 days without washing if I used baby powder on my roots next day. For the price I would pay at my salon for just the serum, I found this gift set for only $2 more and got so much more. I figured give it a try. The Brush up spray came with it even though it's not listed. Not sure if that was by default or accident. Either way great for me. I did order the Brush Up as an add-on and was glad I did because it has a different spray tip that does more of a mist. Love the smell. Need to bottle for perfume lol. Hair feels clean, shinny and smells great. Only down side is that with my hair if I brush it while it dries it will make me have an afro but that's more my hair being a pia. On days I want to go curly I just add a little gel and curles stay fine with it and doesn't frizz out. I also made error of frying my ends(grabbed wrong bottle) when straightening my hair and product seams to have helped it some. Still will have to go in and get it trimmed but it's not as noticable as what it would have been. All in all love this product

  • Cathy S. - Great Stuff!!

    First used this last fall on deck railings (painted white), trex decking, and concrete wall all covered with green algae. Within a few weeks I could see a big difference, but this spring the full effect is obvious. The concrete wall, which was worst, has no alge at all. There are a few spots on the railings that we obviously missed, but today I sprayed those spots.

  • Ivan - Looks great.but...

    This antenna works fine and looks great. Installing this could not have been easier, you literally unscrew the original and screw this one in. I would have given this five stars except that some of the weaker stations that used to sound ok with the original antenna now have a little static.

  • Amazon Customer - Gets the job done!

    Easy to assemble and mount on my big tractor.I can broadcast seeds and disk them in in one pass. Economical and very usefull

  • Elio Rutigliano - Grinds up carrots and apples with skin just fine (my last blender could not do that)

    I've used the larger standard blender to make big batches of smoothies (to last 3 days). Grinds up carrots and apples with skin just fine (my last blender could not do that). I use the smaller attachment to grind spices, make dressings, make yogurt based dips.

  • Gary S. - Easy installation. Haven't had to much of a chance ...

    Easy installation. Haven't had to much of a chance to really hear them yet, waiting for some warm weather.

  • AngelC - Amazing stroller, even if you are not a runner or jogger.

    I am not a jogger, but I need a stroller with brakes because I live in a very hilly area. I was afraid a stroller without brakes would become tiring after walking down hills and trying to hold back the weight of the stroller. After a few weeks of use, I can definitely the expense was worth it. When walking down a hill, I will apply slight pressure to the breaks to slow the stroller down. When going up steep hills, I can fully apply the breaks if I need to take a breather or I need to temporarily stop for any other reason.