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  • john borje - Stellarscope

    This little device is a must for all astronomers. It does an injustice to show a picture of a child looking thru it. I think this would be a an appropriate item for all astronomy majors. It shows all the constellations for both Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

  • Laura Bevignani - Cool tunes

    Cool tunes with great lyrics and musical score. Especially enjoy "Clint Eastwood". Good this rockin' good time with a good, cold brew.

  • Graham - ATP. Best used depending on the application. Give it a shot!

    I am posting neutral feed back as this did not fix my leak. This product worked great for about a week and then my leak resurfaced. I can't say this product sucks or wouldn't work for everyone because I am not sure. I am posting 4 stars because the product took effect rather quick and the results were almost instant. But, it didn't last. I guess it all depends on the application, vehicle and the type of seal in question. As for me, it was an oil cooler ring. This ring needed to be replaced so I just caved and did it after the ATP stop leak had quit working. I would advise to purchase this and give it a shot. By far the most potent solution I have tried. But, it wasn't a permanent fix for me.

  • Betty - NO crusty dishes to deal with

    Best of all, there were NO crusty dishes to deal with later. We just popped everything into the trash bin and went on our merry way.

  • S. M. Bauer - Clearest skin I've had in years!!

    My skin was never really that bad, I had the occasional breakouts which always seemed to be in the same spots, and that never completely went away, I have a ton of scars on my cheeks from said breakouts. But after I switched to the oil cleansing method as a more natural approach It ruined my skin. My face broke out in a way I had never seen and nothing could fix it!! I tried everything!!! Literally. After using this for 2 weeks my skin got really dry and flaky so as directed I reduced the treatment to once a day, didn't use it on the dry areas around my mouth an nose and didn't let my face dry out completely between steps (as is indicated in the directions). It has been 6 weeks now and my face is so clear! It is even making my scars less visible. I'm 32 and just so sick of breakouts so I'm happy I finally found something that could help. My skin has never been this clear. It still breaks out monthly due to hormones but other than that it looks amazing.

  • Houyhnhnm - An amazing, truthful book

    If you have the feeling that somewhere along the way the rules of marriage have been changed on you, read this book. Athol Kay helped me understand that I had been playing by the wrong rules all along - the reality is that I have gone through most of my life with a set of assumptions about men and women that is simply wrong.

  • Liz B - They "fixed" what wasn't broke :(

    I have loved the Vitamin C renewal cream from Avalon Organics for quite some time, and true to beauty industry nature, the company has gone and changed an amazing product. I don't know what this whole "more sustainable" deal is about, but the ingredients list has changed for sure. And instead of soft, moisturized skin I now get a tight, sticky face when I use it. I won't even try to describe the horrid smell coming from the jar. So long fresh citrus scent! You will be greatly missed. Avalon Organics, if you're reading this... epic fail.