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International Glaucoma Association: the charity for people with glaucoma - The International Glaucoma Association is the charity for people with glaucoma. It funds research and provides free support and advice for patients and professionals

  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-the-iga Test for glaucoma | Living with glaucoma - The IGA run a helpline, set up patient support groups and fund professional research to help encourage testing for glaucoma and to help those living with glaucoma.
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/membership Membership - Costs £17.50 per year. Benefits include quarterly IGA Newsletter, an invitation to the AGM
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-glaucoma/should-i-have-an-eye-test Testing for glaucoma - Testing for glaucoma is very important, particularly if you have a close relative with glaucoma, are diabetic, have low blood pressure or are short sighted. Find out about free glaucoma eye tests
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-the-iga/what-we-do/groups-in-your-area Glaucoma Support groups - Find out if there is a glaucoma support group in your area. Meet with your healthcare professionals and other glaucoma patients.
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-the-iga/how-you-help/donations Donations - Your donations have helped us to award research grants to learn more about the causes of glaucoma and to find out more effective ways of prevent and treat it
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-the-iga/how-you-help Support us - We encourage people to become Members of the IGA in order to keep up to date with the latest news and research about glaucoma, and the work of the IGA
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-the-iga/what-we-do What we do - support through our helpline, a range of free leaflets on specific aspects of glaucoma, regular local patient support meetings, quarterly members magazine
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-glaucoma/what-is-glaucoma/the-3-tests How to test for glaucoma - Find out about the 3 quick and painless eye tests which are used to test for glaucoma.
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-glaucoma/treatments/ Treatments - If eye drops are not successful in lowering the eye pressure, laser or surgical treatment may be needed
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-glaucoma/treatments/laser Laser procedure for glaucoma - If Eye drops are not successful in lowering the eye pressure, a laser procedure for glaucoma may be used. Find out more details out laser surgery for glaucoma and its cost.
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-glaucoma/living-with-glaucoma/driving-and-glaucoma Driving and glaucoma | Driving for people with glaucoma - Find out all about driving and glaucoma. When do you need to contact the DVLA and what do you need to when you are driving with glaucoma.
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/about-the-iga/what-we-do/professional Professionals - We help professionals to set up patient support meetings and provide educational aids to improve the understanding of how to take eye drops
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/news/iga-response-parliamentary-health-service-ombudsman-phso-driven-despair-drivers-let-driver-vehicle-licensing-agency-20-october-2016/ IGA Response to Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) Driven to despair, “How drivers have been let down by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency”, 20 October 2016 | News - Comments Karen Osborn, Chief Executive International Glaucoma Association“The IGA welcomes the findings and recommendations in the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO) report, and in particular the need for clear evidence-based standards to assess whether people with glaucoma are fit to drive.The IGA has been alerted to many of the issues covered in this report by our members. This has led to a positive relationship being developed with the DVLA Drivers Medical Group, resulting in improvements around administration and communication. There is now clearer information about the tests and testing conditions that drivers with glaucoma should expect when visiting the DVLA approved Specsavers store, when a person can seek a second opinion if a licence is revoked (and the process for this), as well as a named contact at the DVLA for people with glaucoma to approach about their application.But more scientific research and evaluation is needed to decide whether one of the standards used to assess the ability of people with glaucoma to drive safely, called the visual field test, is fit for purpose.  When a decision to revoke a licence is life-changing, the applicant must have confidence that the test being used is appropriate, robust and equitable.We are concerned that statistics from the DVLA show that 62 per cent of car drivers and 35 per cent of bus, lorry and coach drivers’ who contest the original revocation decision, are subsequently found safe to drive. If the Government and the DVLA were to invest in more realistic tests of visual function, this would benefit not just drivers with glaucoma but patients with, or at risk of all types of visual disability.If anyone feels that a driving licence revocation has been made that does not reflect their own understanding of their safety to drive, we urge them to discuss this with their own optometrist and then talk to the DVLA. Our helpline, Sightline can provide details of the process”.The International Glaucoma Association is the charity for people with glaucoma, providing a free helpline and patient literature. Call 01233 64 81 70 or email: [email protected]. www.glaucoma-association.com Click here for a copy of the report.-ends- Notes for editors:*references availableFor further information or to interview an IGA spokesperson, please contact: Karen Brewer, Head of Communications on: 01223 64 81 69 or email [email protected]
  • http://www.glaucoma-association.com/news/national-eye-health-week-top-surgeon-warns-dangers-missing-glaucoma-treatment/ NATIONAL EYE HEALTH WEEK: TOP SURGEON WARNS ABOUT THE DANGERS OF MISSING GLAUCOMA TREATMENT | News - As part of the IGA’s ‘It’s Black or White, Save your Sight. Use your Eye Drops.’ campaign, for this year’s National Eye Health Week* (19-25 September), IGA Chair and Consultant Ophthalmologist, Keith Barton warns that correct and regular instillation of eye drops is essential to control glaucoma.There are an estimated 600,000 people with glaucoma in the UK today. Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions in which the optic nerve is damaged, usually by excessive pressure within the eye. If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to serious loss of vision, with up to 40 per cent of sight being permanently lost before the effects are noticed by the individual.   Fortunately glaucoma is the most common cause of preventable blindness and for the majority of glaucoma patients, daily eye drops are a simple solution to control their condition and save their sight.For this year’s campaign, the IGA will be focusing on the issues that they know people with glaucoma face when it comes to taking eye drops. Mr Barton comments, “Most people diagnosed with glaucoma will be able to manage their own treatment by taking eye drops. Used regularly they help to keep the eye pressure to an appropriate level, reducing the risk of visual loss. If you are having difficulty, talk to your ophthalmologist or contact the IGA who can help and provide advice.”A recent study showed that 57% of glaucoma patients have some difficulty administering eye drops[1]. Reasons for not taking eye drops correctly included: forgetting when doses were due (38%), difficulty with the dropper bottle (18%), difficulty getting drops in the eye (11%) and not having medication to hand (10%).”Karen Osborn, Chief Executive of the IGA comments, ‘We know from calls to our helpline and from patient support groups that many glaucoma patients are not told that eye drops are a lifelong treatment and are not told how to administer their drops correctly. For this year’s National Eye Health Week our ‘It’s Black or White, Save Your Sight’ campaign aims to educate glaucoma patients nationwide about the importance of administering their eye drops correctly and our new poster for hospitals, GPs’ surgeries and pharmacies gives a step by step guide to taking eye drops.'More information can be obtained from the IGA website, www.glaucoma-association.com or by calling 01233 64 81 70 where staff are available Monday to Friday 9.30-5.00pm. There are also more than 70 patient support groups throughout the country. These groups allow patients to meet with health professionals and talk about glaucoma and related treatments in a more relaxed, informal setting. To make a donation to the IGA, visit the IGA Just Giving page.Note to editors: [1] Research carried out by FreshMinds Research, on behalf of The College of Optometrists between 30 April 2010 and 12 May 2010 amongst a panel of 4,004 respondents.Glaucoma Glaucoma is the name given to a group of eye conditions in which the main nerve to the eye (the optic nerve) is damaged where it leaves the back of the eye. This nerve carries information about what is being seen from the eye to the brain and as it becomes damaged vision is lost.*National Eye Health WeekNational Eye Health Week is an annual event where eye care charities, organisations and health professionals from across the UK join together to promote the importance of eye health and the need for regular sight tests for all.For further information or to interview an IGA spokesperson, please contact:Annabel Hillary, 07884 430862, [email protected] Mary-Jane Greenhalgh, 07866 722051, [email protected] or Karen Brewer on: DD: 01233 64 81 69; M: 07976 08 52 40; [email protected],For more information about glaucoma, visit: www.glaucoma-association.comAbout the International Glaucoma Association: The International Glaucoma Association (IGA) is the charity for people with glaucoma, with the mission to raise awareness of glaucoma, promote research related to early diagnosis and treatment, and to provide support to patients and all those who care for them. For more information, please visit:www.glaucoma-association.comSet up in 1974, it is the oldest patient based glaucoma association in the world and it is a Charity Registered in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England & Wales.As part of its support services, it operates the IGA Sightline (helpline) and provides free information on any aspect of glaucoma.4. For more information about glaucoma, contact the International Glaucoma Association (IGA) Sightline on 01233 64 81 78 (Monday to Friday, 9.30am–5.00pm).

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