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  • Sandy Axelrod - Nzuri grew my 2 daughters' hair

    Hi I am an African American lady who took my two daughters natural. We did the big chop and cut all of the relaxer out of their hair early last year. Well just like all little girls my daughters too wanted longer hair. We followed the Nzuri Grow Your Own Hair campaign to the T. I am proud to say that one year later, I just flat ironed my daughters hair. Both of them have past shoulder length hair all the way from less than 1 inch! Please whatever you do do not stop making this product. We also make great smoothies with it too! Sometimes I wish it worked faster, especially given my little girls's natural lack of patience, but please note I say this just out of a Mom's desire for her daughters, I am not knocking the results.

  • Dean Goossen Mtn Area Calvary Chapel - Intriguing Observations

    The book is apparently written from a mid tribulation point point of view, which I think in all fairness should be stated clearly up front. There are lots of interesting connections he makes, some of which are a bit tortured. But it does spur us to be a lot more observant in watching the signs of the times!

  • Just my opinion - Contains Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone

    I've been looking for a more affordable SLS free shampoo so I purchased this on a quick trip to the store. I usually read ingredients but shame on me for making a purchase without doing so. I used this and it made my hair look terrible.

  • Heather - Great price for food-based multivitamin for teens

    My 12-year-old daughter recently decided to try eliminating meat (beef & pork, and eventually poultry) from her diet, and as part of my agreement to support her I requested that she incorporate a multivitamin into her daily eating plan. She has celiac disease which means she is very strictly 100% gluten-free by necessity; I needed to make sure anything she would be taking fell into that category. I also wanted to find a multivitamin to support her rapidly growing body; she's been going through a pre-pubescent growth spurt these past few months and was starting to develop some mild acne on her nose and forehead even though I taught her to wash her face daily over a year ago.

  • tyggore - Very disappointed.

    I have been using for 6 weeks; NO visible signs of any regrowth of hair or nails. Very disappointed.

  • W. Keith Crowder - accept no substitutes

    Upgraded from Autocad lt 2006 and was pleasantly surprised at the familiarity with the older program. One can jump right in and draft as one did before. There are also many upgrades to the program that you can take your time to learn and discover. Yes, there are cheaper programs out there, but, if you're serious about your drawings save your pennies and buy the original.