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  • http://www.getwell.guru/sleep-like-baby-meditation/ Sleep Like A Baby - Sleep Like A Baby, a Guided Meditation by Nancy Wyatt with Reiki music by Jaime Llewellyn
  • http://www.getwell.guru/classes-how-to-start-a-business/ Classes - How To Start A Business - Classes - How To Start A Business, options and challenges to consider first; step by step instructions for starting a business and what you'll need.
  • http://www.getwell.guru/about/ About My Get Well Guru, Nancy Wyatt - About My Get Well Guru, Nancy Wyatt, complementary and alternative medicine, holistic healing, wellness, clay, ASEA, chi machine, meditation, supplements,
  • http://www.getwell.guru/alkaline-versus-acidic-foods/ Alkaline Versus Acidic Foods - Alkaline Versus Acidic foods, stomach acid, reflux, alkalinity, foods, Ph balance, wellness, disease prevention, diet, alkaline diet, health, get well
  • http://www.getwell.guru/amethyst-biomat/ Amethyst BioMat - Amethyst BioMat, far infrared rays, amethysts, increase blood and lymph flow, pain reduction, health, stress relief, sinus relief, holistic healing, Richway
  • http://www.getwell.guru/classes/ Classes - Classes, wellness, business, meditation, CAM, complementary and alternative medicine, marketing, holistic healing, IRS, SBA, license
  • http://www.getwell.guru/clay/ Healing Clay - Healing Clay, clay packs, masks, cleanse, parasites, viruses, metals, powder, Poultice, (wet and applied to place of injury or illness), Liquid drink, bath.
  • http://www.getwell.guru/life-coach/ Life Coach, Counseling, Sounding Board, Spiritual Guidance, Life Coach - I am a great listener and a Life Coach. I have overcome a wealth of life, business, and spiritual growth challenges. I can be your sounding board, coach on life and ethics issues +.
  • http://www.getwell.guru/meet-your-self-meetup-group/ Meet Your Self! Meetup Group - Meet Your Self! Meetup Group, Hypnotherapy, Meditation, NLP, Holistic Healing, Wellness, Body/Mind/Spirit, Reiki,
  • http://www.getwell.guru/reiki-distance-healing/ Reiki ~ Distance Healing, Energy Work, Light Workers - Reiki Distance Healing. What is Reiki? How does Distance Healing Work? I'll tell you +you may book me with permission of the recipient. I am a Reiki Master.

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  • Celeste E. - Awesome Game

    I purchased this game as a Christmas gift for my 15 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it and plays is every chance she gets! I love that this game has her active and exercising. It is fun! User-friendly! Wide variety of songs! My 8 year old daughter likes to join in with her, too! I recommend this game to anyone wanting to dance and have a good time!

  • ana_dive - Simply bad

    Make sure you get the right magazine. Check how many L there are in Traveler. If there is only one it is the "crap" version. Made mistake, learned the lesson paid extra for good magazine. The "all acces" won't work.

  • stedroyf - Quality is written all over this pen

    Very happy with this pen. I have a collection of fountain pens which I use and this one gets more frequent use than some of the others.

  • Lady T - something that finally works!

    I purchased the hair gro n wild along with the shampoo and conditioner in September 2013 I was getting a quick weave on my hair and when I removed the quick weaves I was surprised at the amount of new growth that I experienced. I have tried many products which claimed they would help with hair growth to no avail. My hair started thinning in the top of my scalp and my hair was pulled out on the sides from wearing braids that were too tight. I see that my sides are growing and the top of my head is getting thicker and fuller. I have been recommending this product to everyone that I know who is experiencing hair loss. The only draw back is it is greasy and has strong smell, which seems to only last for a few hours after application.

  • David C. - Haven't been able to spend the amount of time to ...

    Haven't been able to spend the amount of time to utilize this program effectively. Takes more time than I expected. I have picked up graphics/photo and music manipulation programs quickly but, this seems to take more effort.