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Lower Back Pain? Sciatica? Herniated Disk? Get Relief NOW! - The natural alternative to pills and surgery for lower back pain, sciatica, herniated disk, and more. Neuromuscular Therapist Michael Greenspan shows you how to

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  • Joy Young - Awesome!

    I know through my personal experience that this anti-aging serum is awesome! I like everything about it – the serum’s texture, formula and results it gives my eye contour area!

  • jody - Very helpful cheat sheet

    I rated this 5 because of the arrival date, and the ease of use. I have having trouble with some conversion to Power Point and it really gets to the bottom of what you need to make a good report, without having to toil through a bunch of books. Great product.

  • S. Smith - Horrible packaging but the board works

    I am over 200lbs and this thing works. I guess the part about it breaking has been resolved. I have used it 4 times without issue and it is actually a lot of fun. It is great for people with poor knees and range of motion. My lower back muscles were good sore the next day, so it is working the core. I am not a fan of the bright magenta color. I would prefer black or gray - something that blends with the house more. The DVD comes in a paper CD sleeve that looked like it was sealed at one time but the DVD was halfway out so it was obviously open. The directions were inside the sleeve and the writing is small. It was packaged in a terrible cardboard box (looked like it was a return) but came inside an Amazon box that was more intact. Definitely not good for gift giving. So I give 4 stars for the actual board and DVD. 2 stars for packaging. I will update if it breaks or I have issue.

  • nick kesseru - Better ski than I could have imagined!

    These skis are awesome!! The just simplify skiing. They make a black diamond a blue and double blacks into single. Extremely responsive, super light and well, amazing! I mounted the head pivot 14's and they compliment each other perfectly. These skis are wider than I have owned before.

  • Y.S. - Who is this recommended for? "Those in their 20-30's that have stress ...

    I have to be honest and say that I have never heard of the brand Skederm before. However, after reading into it a little, this particular sentence caught my attention: Who is this recommended for? "Those in their 20-30's that have stress signs under the eyes" & "Customers who desire a firm, gleaming eye rim". uh um. yes. me. please. I would definitely give this a try - I am so sick and tired of people telling me that I look tired and if I slept well the night before (yes, they all meant well, I am mostly sick and tired of the way I look).

  • Suzzy - Great Attachment if it fit my BOB

    I was so excited to find this attachment for my BOB here on Amazon, but was so disappointed when I went to install it and it only fits the BOB Revolution SE. Not the older version of the Revolution. So just make sure you have the newer BOB before purchasing this.