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Generatív Tanácsadó Iroda - tréning, coaching, tanácsadás - Tanácsadó irodánkat jó referenciákkal ajánljuk mindazoknak Akik hisznek a kommunikációs képzés, kommunikációs tréningek és tréning gyakorlatok fontosságában, sikerében.

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City: 19.0514 , Hungary

  • David R. - Minor upgrades to the PC Killer App

    Office is the single biggest reason (if not the single reason) 95% of PCs exist anymore. Excel will be around after we and our iPhones are long dead. Worth the upgrade just due to Waterfall charts in Excel; you can pay ThinkCell $1000 a year for this, but why not pay Microsoft $84 and get unlimited cloud storage and Office 365 as well?

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome collection of stories

    Awesome collection of stories, eclectic and a really great sampling of authors. Highly recommend. My book club is reading and discussing, so much to share, great for a book club.

  • T. Gross - OK - pay attention to reviews

    I can't really complain about what it does, but my expectations were that it would be as much of a vacuum cleaner as a steamer. That's sort of true, but the roller must be on for it to vacuum. I don't like that since I have new cork floors that should not ever have a roller-brush vacuum. But it does pick up nicely.