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  • Dee J. - Sure, worth a listen or two!

    Sure, it could be better, but still light years beyond garbage from Ladie Gag-Gag, Bouncy, Justin Beaver, Buffoon 5, etc.

  • Botix - I have gradually brought my IBS under control

    classic C followed by D. Overnight/Time zone travel brought on D with incredible pain. Bloating, bass, D and C. By eliminating coffee and bran I reduced the symptoms somewhat. But taking (and I must admit I am afraid to stop either) Align in the morning and Jarrows IBS in the evening my digestive tract is close to normal. I have been taking both (one in the morning) the other in the evening because both have randomized clinical studies showing clinical statistical significance and all studies reaching their endpoint. IBS, from my research, covers a lot of ground- some research underlying function may be a result of lack of seratonin in the gut (most of the bodies seratonin resides not in the brain but in the gut) and spasmodic movement of the bowels caused by the nervous system- and irritation (not visible in my case during colonoscopy). Eliminating caffeine I think helped with the spasmodic issues, and why exactly Align and the Jarrows IBS seem to help (it might be one instead of both but I am unwilling to risk it) I don't know. But in my case it worked- taking about 4-5 weeks before I realized how much better I felt, including an overseas flight in after which I experienced none of the issues I usually have. So I echo someone else's review "try it- but give it 4-6 weeks.

  • Lisa - Went from "eh, it's okay" to "<3 <3 <3" within 10 minutes.

    They are not kidding when they have COCONUT as the biggest font on this container! It smells like...coconut. Like the coconut scent that reminds you of the beach and it really soothing at the same time.

  • Jzoom - Slow load and is not user friendly.

    Too slow for a quick workout. Extras are fun but do not have explanations. Have others years too, hoping for improvements each year but unfortunately have not seen them.

  • Michael White - I'm a pretty annoyed with MS at the moment over this software

    I'm a pretty annoyed with MS at the moment over this software. While it does meet my needs , our office does a lot of encryption and data handling, even though it is a small office. When I first looked at Windows server 2012 R2, it said it could handle up to 2 TB of ram. There was nothing indicating that this was only for the full version, and that the essentials had a 64 GB forced limitation. Frankly, this is bulls***. The OS shouldn't have a purposely created limitation. I can buy the user limitation, but not for something like memory. I don't see the justification. This is a limitation on Hardware, not on users, and I don't think it is valid.