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  • Tatiana - good Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse very good

    very fast win 10. support 4 k. good Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth for keyboard and mouse very good. 32 gb is very little, because 12 gb win 10, 8 gb old win, 4 gb system apps. working only with wall charge. for games, films, cinemas, projectors very good!

  • Lew Troop - 72 Year Old Versus Rapid Wrinkle Repair

    The first question might be, "Why is a 72 year old man reviewing this product?" And the answer is because if it even makes a dent in my canyons and creases then it has lived up to its name. And people, it lived up to its name. I've used it now for only four days and the results are clear and palpable. Palpable in the sense that what I could previously feel is now reduced to a mild slope rather than a suicide cliff. Frankly, I approach this sort of thing with the same skepticism I might if someone told me that drinking embalming fluid would reverse the hands of time and I'd be young, young, young. What Neutrogena, already a respected name in cosmetics more modestly says if you use this as we suggest, you'll have smoother skin. And they have no difficult regimen to follow. Just make sure your skin is freshly washed and dried. After that, put enough fluid, abount the size of a pearl, in your palm and work it into your face? How difficult is that? It isn't. (I go for a bit about the size of an 8-10 millimeter pearl which covers as much as needs to be cover and wastes nothing.) That's it. If you wear makeup, give it a moment to sink in and you're good for at least 24 hours, maybe longer. Just recently I've had some surgery on my leg and any number of people have commented that whatever the Doctor did has had great results as I look rested, even a bit younger. One woman even wanted to touch my face to, I suppose, make sure I wasn't wearing a court plaster. I wasn't.

  • Jenna sais quoi - Spicy scent, gorgeous hair- all without sulfates & parabens!

    Reading through the reviews for this product I was struck by people who said it smelled great, but not specifically what it smells like, which is a hazard of ordering online. One woman's Strawberry Bliss is another woman's Toxic Berry Hell. "Spicy exotic" sounded good, and it is accurate. The scent reminds me of hazelnuts, incense, spice cookies, and amber. It smells like Morocco in the best possible way, without being overpowering.