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Home - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care provides a complete range of dialysis treatments and support services for patients living with chronic kidney failure, also known as end stage renal disease, or ESRD.

  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/patients-families-overview/ Patients & Families - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care provides high quality renal dialysis, therapy, products and devices. We operate centers in countries worldwide. And partner with healthcare providers to improve the lives of patients and their families.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/kidney-disease/ Kidney disease: causes and prevention - Fresenius Medical Care - Kidney disease is caused (among other reasons) by diabetes or high blood pressure; has recognizable symptoms; and can be prevented.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/treatment-options/ Kidney Treatment Options - Fresenius Medical Care - When kidneys fail, there are three types of treatments used by millions of people: transplantation, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/living-with-chronic-kidney-disease/ Living with chronic kidney disease - Fresenius Medical Care - Many people learn to live around dialysis treatment— Enjoy your life – despite the illness.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/family-caregivers/ Chronic kidney failure – a challenge for families & caregivers - Fresenius Medical Care - Chronic Kidney disease impacts family life. With time a "new normal" is possible: Patient Symptoms, Daily management, Nutrition.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/services-from-fresenius-medical-care/ Services from Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care - Dialysis and patient care services from Fresenius Medical Care: NephroCare, UltraCare, dialysis clinics, patient care.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/patients-families/dialysis-center-finder/ Find a dialysis center - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care Dialysis Center Finder − Find a dialysis center in your country.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/healthcare-professionals-overview/ Healthcare Professionals - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care — An overview of products and therapies for Healthcare Professionals.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/hemodialysis-overview/ Hemodialysis overview - Fresenius Medical Care - Hemodialysis products, therapies and services - Innovative therapies and products to improve the cardiovascular prognosis of dialysis patients.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/highvolumehdf/ HighVolumeHDF® – advanced dialysis treatment - Fresenius Medical Care - HighVolumeHDF® by Fresenius Medical Care is an advanced dialysis treatment that offers many advantages for patients, physicians and nurses.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/machines/machines-overview/ Machines overview - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care hemodialysis machines — 5008 & 5008S enables HighVolumeHDF® and the well-known 4008 series combines best quality HD treatment with proven reliability.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/machines/5008-5008s/ 5008 & 5008S - Fresenius Medical Care - 5008 & 5008S enable HighVolumeHDF® as a standard in dialysis thanks to AutoSub plus for automatically maximized substitution volumes and the Venous Access Monitor (VAM) for increased probability of early detection of needle dislodgement.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/machines/next-generation-4008s/ The next generation 4008S – Quality treatment to suit your budget - Fresenius Medical Care - The next generation 4008S continues the success of the well-known 4008 series. Combines best quality Hemodialysis (HD) treatment with proven reliability and efficiency.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/dialyzers/dialyzers-overview/ Dialyzers overview - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care hemodialysis devices — efficient FX-class® CorDiax and classix dialyzers. Fresenius quality for advanced and standard hemodialysis.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/dialyzers/fx-classix-dialyzers/ FX classix dialyzers - Fresenius Medical Care - FX classix dialyzers combine effective uremic toxin removal with Fresenius quality. And serve as an entry product to cardioprotective Hemodialysis.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/water-technology/water-technology-overview/ Water technology overview - Fresenius Medical Care - Dialysis Water Technology solutions for all healthcare professionals’ needs. Products and services for permeate, concentrate and media supply.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/water-technology/water-technology-solutions/ Water technology solutions - Fresenius Medical Care - High quality water technology dialysis products and services tailored to your needs.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/water-technology/permeate-supply/ Water technology solutions | permeate supply - Fresenius Medical Care - AquaA, AquaBplus, AquaC. Water Technology solutions, Permeate Supply — Comprehensive dialysis water treatment systems for Health Care Professionals.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/water-technology/concentrate-supply/ Water technology solutions | concentrate supply - Fresenius Medical Care - Granumix plus, Granumix, CDS 08. Water Technology Solutions, Concentrate Supply — Reliable preparation and supply of acid concentrate.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/water-technology/media-supply/ Water technology solutions | media supply - Fresenius Medical Care - MSP, MSC, MSR. Water Technology solutions, Media Supply — Delivery of dialysis media to the point of care in a clean and organized manner.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/hemodialysis/hd-fluid-management/ Fluid management for hemodialysis – protect your patient - Fresenius Medical Care - Effective cardioprotection with the BCM-Body Composition Monitor – a core therapy component of Fresenius Medical Care’s Advanced Fluid Management.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/peritoneal-dialysis/peritoneal-dialysis-overview/ Peritoneal dialysis overview - Fresenius Medical Care - Fresenius Medical Care Peritoneal dialysis products and therapies for Healthcare Professionals.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/peritoneal-dialysis/staysafe-and-biofine/ stay•safe®- Simple and convenient to use - Fresenius Medical Care - Our stay•safe® and sleep•safe systems have a unique design and are convenient to use while improving patient compliance with our PD systems to ensure optimal exchange safety and improved compliance. This is further supported by environmentally friendly materials, such as Biofine®, that are PVE-free.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/peritoneal-dialysis/apd/apd-overview/ Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) - Fresenius Medical Care - Automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) is a home treatment that can be carried out during the night and Fresenius Medical Care's APD products include the sleep•safe harmony to make APD as individual as your patients.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/peritoneal-dialysis/apd/sleepsafe/ sleep•safe. A better night’s sleep for a better day tomorrow - Fresenius Medical Care - Quiet, minimal treatment discomfort and comprehensive safety features ensure patients sleep well. Easy set-up, flexible treatment schedules and automatic operation make sleep•safe the choice for many patients.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/peritoneal-dialysis/apd/sleepsafe-harmony/ sleep•safe harmony — As individual as your patients - Fresenius Medical Care - Adapted APD (aAPD) therapy with sleep•safe harmony — a new way of prescribing peritoneal dialysis (PD) that optimizes ultrafiltration (UF) and clearance.
  • http://www.freseniusmedicalcare.asia/en/healthcare-professionals/peritoneal-dialysis/adapted-apd/ Adapted APD - Achieving more with the same input - Fresenius Medical Care - Adapted APD, or aAPD, increases dialysis efficiency with a reduction in glucose absorption.

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