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Foundation Cardiology - Southern New Hampshire Health System - Foundation Cardiology, a partnership between Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and Lahey Clinic, builds upon a tradition of excellence in cardiac care. 

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  • Rev. Ronald C. Moss - Fun galore. Keeps the kids busy, suspect adults will beg for their try at them also.

    Bought 3 for our grandchildren, for Christmas, and soon after opening they were outside playing, and keeping out of the adults hair (Whew, couldn't wait :-)) Worked great, goes great distance. Put each ones initial on theirs so they wouldn't mistake which one was theirs. Also bout the 100 pack of darts, and initialed those also as I divided them up between them.

  • A. McGee - Smells nice but useless.

    Guess what, this didn't do anything for those fleas. I ended up making my own concoction of vinegar and a little bit of dish detergent in a spray bottle. The more vinegary, the better! First I sprinkled with baking soda all around the floor and corners of the basement (where they are mostly) and left it over night. The next day, my son vacuumed then sprayed with the vinegar. Immediately the next day after that, we noticed a reduction in fleas. We measure how well our method is working but filling up a baking dish with water and pouring dish detergent in it. Don't make it sudsy! Just pour the detergent in and use your fingers to swirl around. We left that on the floor underneath a small lamp. You have to let the lamp shine right on the dish. Fleas are attracted to the light and will immediately fall into the water and die. We keep checking and counting how many fleas we are catching in the dish by leaving it on the floor for about 2 days then repeat the process. They are getting less and less. Let me tell you, the vinegar smelled up the house but it went away after a while. But the smell is worth it! We will continue with our own way of getting rid of them because it seems to be working!

  • M. Taylor - Not as advertised

    Package on the webpage said it was for a single user with up to 5 devices. The actual product was for up to 3 devices. I had to return it (very easy!) and pay more money on short notice elsewhere. Amazon said it would look into the matter. Hopefully the issue is fixed.

  • jane wang park - DONT BUY IT

    DON'T BUY the 2011. I have had quicken 2009 and quickbook 2009 and upgraded to the quickbook 2011. I used to be able to download credit card transactions and now I can do that. They are starting to charge me for credit card charges now. I HATE QUICKBOOKS, but it works the best for my needs. I wish there was a another option!