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  • Pen Name - Great product! If you don't want to spend hundreds on a Vitamix blender, this is a wonderful alternative!!

    I love our nutribullet. You can literally get almost an entire days worth of fruits and veggies in one serving... And it is delicious. Many of us have heard about the Vitamix blender, but most of us can't afford 500 dollars for this kind of appliance. Plus, who wants to clean an entire blender when you can individualize all your smoothies and just blend and clean all in one cup?? We got ours at bed, bath, and beyond. With a 20 percent off coupon (you can go to their website and get one), we paid $85 for our nutribullet. Give it a try-you won't regret it!!

  • TONY THOMAS - review

    i had problems installing qb 2013 and had some misinformation from intuit re: enhanced payroll but eventually sorted out everything and the program is fine - different color scheme and seems a bit faster and more stable......

  • Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you! - Blue Lines - how did it take me eight years to buy you!

    I saw Massive Attack live at the V99 festival in Chelmsford, England, and they were breathtaking. I already owned Mezzanine and I felt compelled to finally buy their debut album, Blue Lines. What an album, I can hardly believe it is eight years old, it sounds as fresh, cutting-edge and relevant now as it ever has. The album is musically brilliant, differing textures, dynamics and, above all, pure atmosphere, on the stand-out tracks Safe From Harm and Unfinished Sympathy, the bittersweet love song for the 90s. The inventive turntabling by Mushroom stands out on One Love and the impacable cool of Blue Lines with its marvellous chilled-out backing and smooth and relaxed rapping by 3d, Daddy G and Tricky Kid (as he was known then) is unmissable. Fittingly, it ends with a triumphant anthem, Hymn of the Big Wheel, a message of hope and eternity. I can't believe I missed this album for 8 years. Don't make the mistake I did, buy it now!

  • Eugenia DeForge - How to Pay Zero Taxes book

    This was written for a tax accountant. I already knew a lot of what was in there and the rest is greek!

  • mona j - Not so universal

    It didn't work for my hand held dryer...liked the concept but not able to use. Had to buy a whole new dryer.

  • beep52 - Great book

    Information that we all need to know to help us stay healthy. The real truth, I believe, and I'm glad someone out there is willing to research and give us this info. Thank you so much. The truth is never easy.

  • ComputerHabit - So easy a 5 year old can do it!

    I've dabbled with guitar, had lessons and played a little but was never very good and lost interest after learning only a few chords of a song. I've had the game one week. I'm now able to play 4 of the songs on the list. Not perfectly but it's such a great feeling to finally 'get' it. Reading tablature never did the song justice and was confusing. The way the music is presented is almost like streaming music right to your brain.