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  • Liz Hart - Perfect for my bald spot due to medication. Just a few shakes, lasts for days.

    I spent a lot of time looking for the best product out there, looked up youtube videos and everything. After weighing in, I think this product is great. I would say don't go lighter or darker or wonder what the color is gong to come out as it comes out exactly as it says.

  • Kate - Buyer BEWARE!

    I did not order this product from Amazon, but from Dr Foster and Smith. After researching flea/tick remedies, the Seresto collar seemed like a great option here in Northern Wisconsin. We have two dogs, a 5 year Keeshond and and a 14 week old German Shepard. I received the collars in the mail today and put them on the dogs right away as we are having an early spring and ticks are a big problem here. About 3 hours later, I took my puppy out for her daily walk/run and within 10 minutes she was hacking/coughing like she was trying to vomit something up. She has NEVER done that before and I immediately thought of the collar that I had put on. We watch our puppy like a hawk, and I knew she had not gotten into anything prior to or on the walk. I then started searching for Seresto side effects, and was initially unable to find any problems related to the collar. After digging deeper and reading different pet forums I was shocked to see that many pet parents have had their dogs DIE after using this collar. Maybe it is all circumstantial evidence, but our puppy was clearly having respiratory issues within 3 hours of wearing the collar. Needless to say, the collars are off both dogs and I will be contacting Dr Foster and Smith as well as Bayer to report our experience and get a refund (which I highly doubt will happen). I don't think Bayer is upfront with reported side effects with consumers so BUYER BEWARE, this is a relatively new product and in my opinion, NOT WORTH THE RISK. I don't say this lightly as our Keeshond was diagnosed with Anaplasma two years ago, so we are hyper-vigilent about tick medicine (and thankfully she fully recovered from the anaplasma). We will have to go back to what we used last year which was a Scalibur collar and Frontline.

  • Anthony M. - Don't set your expectations too high.

    I think I set my expectations too high. I was looking for a 1-to-1 device that would compete well against $500.00 devices.

  • Joseph T. Webb - Good Considering the Alternative

    If you're telling me that reviewers are getting upset because they get a little stomach discomfort and a lot of bowel movements from this tasty candy, I just don't know which end of the world is up any more. Settle down, people. This is the best of both worlds.

  • chad yager - Good articles

    I typically buy for who's on the cover (it was Zooey Deschanel this time); however worth it thanks to the articles.

  • Amazon Customer - I went to the bathroom and it hurt really bad peeing and then I bled

    I took it for my first time today before lunch, I ate then rode my bike for an hour, came back, I went to the bathroom and it hurt really bad peeing and then I bled. I know its nothing else. Im not sure if this happened to anyone else but it was really painful. I am throwing it away!

  • Wolfwerk - Mildly amusing

    Mildly amusing take on paranormal investigators. Something for believers and skeptics alike. Makers have a rather lackadaisical take on their filmmaking.