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Flint Chemical - Supply pharmaceutical building block and API - Supply heterocyclic compounds and amino acids,such as the derivatives of pyrimidine, purine,piperazine,pyridine,quinoline,thiazole,imidazole,indole etc.

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    It works it connects it talks to you connecting connected power on off. Does it actually stay in my ear hells no the point was to use it for work but I spent more work fiddling with it I may return it in a few days when I have time and get something that I don't have to play where's Waldo. Now it does work but it's not for everyone's ears and it does come with 3 sizes none fit right at all. And the piece itself has a bit of weight to it if it is in your ear and u are on the computer or u think u want to go for a water or a run save ur money u will be finding this thing all day as it tumbles out of ur ear. I was betting on this to work very good b cuz I really needed one.

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