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  • shopper - I have ordered this shampoo and loved it for years

    I have ordered this shampoo and loved it for years. The last order I received had a terrible unpleasant odor and was less than satisfactory. I should have returned it.

  • Wendy Racine - A nice light-hearted read

    Tired of dealing with the craziness at home, Georgie decides to go on trip to Italy. She is hoping to explore and to make some progress on a certain aspect in her life. While on her extended vacation, she meets Gianluca. Gianluca has been down for some time and has been coasting through life. When he meets Georgie, she definitely brings some spunk into his life. What will happen between these two and how will it affect them?

  • Alligator Dave - Not a drone

    First and foremost, this isn't a drone, calling anything a drone that only carries a camera is very misleading. At best it's an autonomous flying camera mount. It's not impressive really. There are others that will do the same job for less. It is fair quality but not the shiznit by any stretch of the imagination. A lily camera quad-copter is just as good in my opinion, in fact better. Flight time is much longer on the quad-copter.

  • Misty S. - Just Doesn't Perform Both Jobs Well

    I'd been wanting a 2 in 1 cleaning product like this for awhile. My friends tried to talk me out of it by telling me about their bad experiences with this type of product. But, I figured if anyone could master the art of sweeping and mopping together, it would be Bissell. Well, unfortunately, I discovered that they really couldn't.

  • M. M. - Thanks for the reviews

    Now tht I know of the scamming nature I will (if I purchase one) and can suggest buying a prepaid visa gift card from Walmart or Walgreens with a set amount on it, so when try go to process more payments unannounced, they're the fool. That's what I've learned to do with infomercial products that comes on at 2am and have an automated operator processing orders because they clearly don't want to deal with angry customers. That way your hard earned money is safe and protected and when the money is spent it's spent so they won't get a penny. You can use theses cards anywhere, just be sure it has the visa or MasterCard logo, call the toll free number and register a zipcode (which is all that's required for online shopping) and get an pay for exactly what you want, nothing else honey!! Sorry for typos. On my phone but I wanted to inform you guys and thank you because I have been really itching to try this product. Now I can relax a little because I'm not seeing anything good :/

  • G. Heyde - IT WORKS FOR ME!!!!!

    I have used Amberen now for two 90 day cycles ( with 90 days off in between) and it worked really well for me. My main symptoms were HOT flashes 10-15 times a day and horrible night sweats and lack of good sleep! These things affect every other area of your life when your grouchy, exhausted , not eating well, no interest in sex! My symptoms were drastically improved on the 5th day!(I kept a journal), and after 2weeks they were gone and I was sleeping better too.The only side effect I noticed was a dry mouth (MSG ???) but I made a concious effort to drink more water and that is always a good thing. Not every product is going to work for everybody! But for the reviews here that are so negative, I say "Dont knock it until you have least tried it!" It certainly is cheaper than going to the doctor and tryin weeks or months of HRT, only to be back where you started or worse! I think Amberen even has a 30 day money back policy! I am 49 and have not had a period in almost 2 years now, and I hope the worst is over. I will start Amberen again in October if symptoms return.

  • Jim Champaigne - Good start for newbies

    I spent about 30 years using FoxPro, dBase etc and never got into Visual Basic or Access. This book is well constructed, easy to follow and has good examples.