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  • Garden Girl - Really dumb plot

    This was rather a dumb book. It was most definitely not a thriller or mystery. It is not exactly a romance either. The main character is so weak she is reprehensible. She declines to report her psychiatrist husband in for his sexual predator behavior (sleeping with a vulnerable patient). I can only imagine that if he lost his medical license it would effect her alimony. The submissive housewife, now turned wanna-be painter, really needs that income since she has chosen to live on an island, of all places. Glad this book was free is all I can say.

  • [email protected] - My Prayers Answered

    During the last few years, I have had an accumulation of small but very troublesome aging symptoms. I read in detail Dr. Klatz's book and decided HGH was an avenue for treating them. His book went into detail about the research and everthing was well documented for traceability. I ventured upon HGH2000 (HGH with special additives) with very good results...my hats off to the doctor!

  • Amy B Pence - Good while it lasted.... 30 minutes!!

    Machine actually worked great for the first 10 racks of balls, good speed, distance and kids had a great time using it. Until a ball slipped under the catapult arm in between pitches and got stuck. I was trapped and there is no self release, took a bunch of time to take apart to extract the ball. Frustrating... hope it does not happen again.

  • Amazon Customer - Stopped working immediately and impossible to fix

    Just out of the 30 day return policy for Amazon and it stopped working as has happened to other reviewers. After waiting an hour or so for Tech Support to call me back, they told me to check since it was prbly the belt breaking. I'm trying to take the bottom plate off to check if it's the belt as suggested but there are 8 (!) screws. I mean, who designs something a panel like this that the user is supposed to access, and may have to frequently remove??? After trying and trying I"m just going to junk it and buy the Dyson like I should have in the first place. The Hoover is a nice idea but terrible execution.


    This phone case is really nice both in terms of look and feel. I really like the combination of the black case with the gold iphone. The colors mesh well together and leave your phone looking very sharp and stylish.

  • G. Reon - Great backup power!

    Power for all but the most power hungry gaming systems. Runs a pc, modem, router and monitor (right at 900W) for an hour with no issues. Haven't tested it to see how long it will power all these devices. I like it so much I bought another to power two servers. No issues through three power outages in the six weeks I've had it hooked up.

  • Ruth Korder - Difficult to learn

    Although it is good for entering rental houses I have yet to understand how to bill the tenant for electricity and other items. I would like to put that right on his rent statement. I found the learning curve on this rather difficult. I am an experienced